Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I've  had such an awesome first day in the MTC!  I love the power that resonates from having a common identity and purpose with all of the MTC missionaries.

The people are so kind and welcoming.  Everywhere you go, you hear:  Hello, Konichiwa, Hola, Ola, Bonjour, etc.  It's refreshing to hear such a mix of language and culture.

I really enjoyed my first Portuguese class.  We really hit the ground running!  As soon as you walked into the class it was Portuguese only (which no one knew).  I learned a lot my first day, and I can tell it will go quickly.

I'm exhausted, so I will keep this short.  Our P-days are on Tuesdays (today was a special case), so you can normally expect a letter from me then.

Actually, I need to mention this amazing turn of events!  The MTC auditions musical numbers for large firesides (we are talking 1,000+ people), and they accept violin entries!  Guess who is trying out!!!  :)

Thank you all for that wonderful send-off, and Mom and Brindi for your notes.

My companion's name is Elder McCrea, from Texas.  He's super chill and has an awesome spirit!

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