Tuesday, August 13, 2013


The wonderful name tag!  I'm official!

    First of all, I think it's hilarious that when you sent me your letter, you spelled it "Tu tu bang"!  It cracked me up. Anytime there is a "m" at the end of the word, it is pronounced "ang". Like "Belem" (Ba-lang)! It should be Tudo bem!
     Well this has been a very engaging week. 2 of the Sisters in our district have been made the Sister Training Leaders, which is a big deal for only being here 3 weeks. 
    The Portuguese is coming along. I no longer worry every time I have an investigator lesson because I can communicate pretty well now. My companion and I are teaching well together.
     One of our lessons was with a man named Joaquim. We had a lesson planned out, but ended up suspending it as he described how his children are in the "Snowball" Church, (or something to that effect). I had never heard of it before. We tried to really teach to his needs, and it went really well. Later, our teacher told us we were the first missionaries that he felt had effectively taught to Joaquim's needs instead of what we had planned originally. It was a huge moral booster!
    Musically, life is going well. I met a Sister Crofts that plays violin in BYU's philharmonic orchestra. She is very good! We will probably be doing a version of "Lord, I Would Follow Thee" that is very pretty!    Love, Elder Gale

This week Carson and I were sending emails at the same time, so we were able to "chat" for almost an hour!  It was WONDERFUL!  Here is part of our conversation--
Hey Mother! You there?
I'm here!  How's your p-day going today?  How was the audition?  We can't wait to hear about it. 
Doing what I love!
My P-day is going very well! I played violin for a while today!
How wonderful!  I miss hearing you play. How often are you able to play?
I probably play 3 times a week for about an hour each time.  
So here's the update on auditions: 
First of all, my first pianist, Elder Packer, is a wonderful pianist. He is an amazing improvisational player who can hear almost any tune and play both hands on the piano!  But he can’t read sheet music well. 
Oh no!  Did the audition not go well? 
No it didn't.  We started playing and got off by a measure and were off the entire time. Sister Nally (wife of the MTC president) told us to come back next week and re-audition. 
Were you trying out for that particular song?  Is there anyone else who could accompany you? 
We were trying out with "A Child's Prayer". We are going to re-audition this Thursday, but I don't think it will go well.  But not all is lost! I happened to run into a certain Sister Croft, who is also a violinist.  She expressed interest in playing a duet with me, and I happily obliged. We practiced today, and it sounded really good. We need a pianist, but that wont be too hard to find. Sister Croft says she knows someone who can accompany us. I'll keep you updated!
This is so much fun “talking” to you!  Are you going to be able to write a letter as well?
Since I am chatting with you now, I might not be able to send you a very long letter today, but I’ll try my best!  I also always write to you all individual letters.
Josh says, “Hey Sexy!”
Look at Josh suggestively and smile like you have a secret that can only be shared between the two of you.  Slightly smile with only one corner of your mouth and gently lick your lips as you stare into his soul.
And Carson is back….:)  There is no way Mom was about to do any of that!  Josh
Hey Ca-KEE--this is Brindi. I want to know your agenda--what you do during the day?
Hey Brindi!  Our schedule changes most days, but it's filled with the same activities. It consists of personal study, additional study, language study, classroom study, and meals. Every Tuesday and Sunday there is an awesome devotional. I heard that an apostle will be speaking tonight!
Awesome!  Do you know which apostle? 
I heard it was going to be Elder Christofferson. But that might only be a rumor.
Meu companheiro says Hi!!! 
Ola, Elder McCrea!  Tu tu bang!  Tell him I think he has the best comp in the world!  :)
I'll tell him! He said you are the best companion's mom in the world because you send good food :D
Sweet!  Tell him I am open to requests!  
I had a couple of snicker-doodles today and it was a wonderful refresher of my mother's love! I am grateful that I get super cool packages and a ton of letters, and my letters are always funny. My whole room cracked up at Ben's orphan blood thing and Austin's dog crap thing. It's not my fault I have such an awesome family!
Sounds like your district is really close--do you usually read your letters to each other?
We don't usually read our letters, but we share funny & interesting events from the letters, which can be pretty hilarious from you guys. 
My Belem Brazil District on
Tacky Tie Day!
I still keep in touch with almost my entire MTC district, 25 years later!  You develop a bond unlike any other. My MTC comp's daughter enters the MTC tomorrow.  We love that our kids are serving at the same time. That could be you and your district 25 years from now!!
Have they said anything to you about your visa or had you update anything?
Nope. No one in my district has gotten anything, either. That is unusual, because usually there are 3-4 missionaries in each Brazil district that receive their visas before they leave. 
All on the Lord's time table, right? 
Today we were in your old stomping grounds, LHS!  I bet that seems like a lifetime ago.
It does!  Life seemed so easy back then.  I must say, this is a much better school than LHS ever was!
You are in the Lord’s school now, brotha.  
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PACKAGE!!! I'm afraid that the Nerf Guns were banned right after I took them out (I guess the Branch President doesn't like being shot?). My roommates are in love with you because of your cupcakes. It was very needed. Thank you so very much. 
What other snacks or food would you like?  Homemade or sent from Provo? 
The homemade was good! Honestly, they feed us so much here that we're usually pretty full most of the day. Although the surprise cupcake party was one of my MTC highlights :)
So glad to hear it!  Anything to make your day better! 
Honestly, the best thing anybody can do is send letters. It's so nice hearing from back home. Every day we check the mail, and it's a huge moral boost when you have something. Even if you cant read it until 9:30 pm.
Anyone who shows up at our house gets/is forced to write you a letter!  I'm sure they would have anyway...
Super Hero Gale at the Provo Temple!
That's awesome!  :D I read that you were coercing people into writing me. I'll take what I can get :D
Do you ever get to go to stores?  How about the temple?
We just went to the temple today! It's been closed for the last month. Have you been in the last week? I'm sure you are aware of the video change. I loved it! I thought the better quality of film made the spirit even stronger. 
That’s wonderful!    
You'll like next week's letters because we are having a Creative Letter Writing contest that you get to judge. Should be fun!
Should I actually pick a winner? Because I will ruthlessly tear apart the contestants in the bloody gore of ludicrous wordplay until the true champion emerges. 
Then the creative writing must begin! 
Hey, it's been a blast chatting with you. My time is already up. Same time next week?  I love you guys so much. It's not until you are all gone that I realize how much I truly love and miss you. Please keep being the awesome family you always have been. Give my love to everyone.
We love you too!  You are in my mind and prayers all day, every day. You may be gone but you are such a huge part of our family!! Thanks for your example. I'll plan on next week!                                   

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