Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Another awesome week at the MTC! I'm having so much fun in this crazy workaholic atmosphere. Last week during the Tuesday Night Devotional we had Richard G. Scott come and speak to us. He talked extensively on personal prayer and how to truly receive revelation from God. I believe it was based strongly off of a talk he gave in General Conference in 2005.

This week I got letters from the family, Grammie, and Marcia. I also got one letter earlier this week from Gavin! I already wrote out my reply. He gave me a temporary tattoo of Iron Man. I put it on my left pectoral. All the other missionaries are jealous. Just like they wish they had such awesome parents that would send salsa over DearElder! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE CHIPS BTW!!!!  We had a fiesta :)

So I had an awesome musical experience! Sister Crofts and I were practicing Wednesday and really hoping we could find a pianist. We looked up the accompanist list and contacted several people, none of which were able to play with us. Finally, we decided to just go practice and figure it out later (we wanted to audition that Thursday). As we were practicing, we heard someone playing next door who sounded pretty good. I went over there and asked if she could just try it out for us. She played it almost perfectly the first time through! Her name is Sister Kratchner (I think...). 

We auditioned the next day (after only 2 days of practice!) and got a "yes"! Which is no small accomplishment. The musical auditions at the MTC are crazy intense. Even though we got a yes, it doesn't really mean we will play. Sister Nally (MTC President's wife) said she really liked it, so I'm hoping there is a shot that I might be able to play this Sunday. I actually dreamed about it. Everyone at the MTC, including West Campus, watches the Sunday Night Devotional.

My companion was released as District Leader this past Sunday. The new District Leader is named Elder Blackner. He is pretty chill and very funny. 

This past Sunday Devotional we had a guy named Vai Sikahema (sp?) speak to us. He was the first Tongan NFL player. He was uber-inspirational and funny. He is now a reporter. Look him up. 

We have started District Volleyball games on Monday and Friday. I'm using the skills I learned in Mexico very well! There's a lot of V-ball talent in my district. We get buckets. (for Austin). 

We started teaching each other yesterday! I haven't met who I'm going to teach, but I was taught yesterday. We pick an investigator that we knew before we came. 

Our room is in a battle with the cleaning checks. We've failed our room cleaning check each time. Maybe because Elder Worley (my favorite Elder I've met so far) made a hammock out of his sheets? Or Megabed? Idk. 

I loved the pictures you sent! They made it so much easier to visualize what's going on at home. I loved seeing pictures of Tanner's Baptism! Please send more whenever interesting things happen!

I just thought I'd mention that my favorite hymns right now are 1. The Lord is My Shepherd (I also memorized Psalm 23) and 2. Brightly Beams our Fathers Mercy. I'm learning how to sing parts much better than I ever did before!

I'm hosting tomorrow (which means that I escort new missionaries and give a tour of the MTC).   The call for hosting missionaries comes directly from the Prophet. I was told that when President Monson asked the Lord, he received a sudden vision of Christ pointing to a picture of me saying "this guy". 

JK!  Truthfully, we all volunteer for it. Almost everybody applies for it and they pick it based on scheduling conflicts. Find out (while we're talking) about when Jeremy will arrive and what car he will be driving. I will try to be his host.  I have not been a host before. This is the first week we are able to do it! They let us host after we have been here 4 weeks. I had the coolest host when I came. It was this awesome black guy from London going to Taiwan.

We find out re-assignments a week from this Friday.  The recent re-assignments I have heard of are Billings, Montana, New York, New York, St. Louis, New Hampshire, California, and SLC.  It doesn't sound probable, but two Sisters from the district that just left were actually re-assigned to their home missions!

I'm very excited for this Creative Letter contest. I'll decide what to do as a rightfully called Judge. My power is supreme and final.  I'm very curious and excited for this package I might need a knife for! I bet it's a zombie and I'll need a knife to kill it when it gets out.

Highlights of the MTC...well, I'm really excited for this awesome thing tomorrow where I get to study Portuguese for a couple hours. And on Thursday I think I might be able to study Portuguese, which should be fun. And I think this Sunday, I might be able to study even more Portuguese!  I don't mind the repetition. It's fun. 

I thought I would share this concept with the family. If you read D-C 130, you learn that when we receive a blessing, it is based on the law it was predicated on. When I write letters, I am very rushed to write them all. When I receive a letter, I will usually respond with a similar length. What I'm trying to say is if you want a long reply, write a long letter. :)                      

 Love you all!

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