Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hello World!   I hope everything is going well in the world with Facebook, Twitter, news, and texting. It is weird to think that anything could happen in the outside world and I would have no idea. It is almost refreshing to not worry about current events, but I still miss knowing what's going on in the world around me.

     I am loving my time at the MTC. I keep waiting for the voice to emanate from the walls telling me that my Visa has come, but it hasn't happened yet! Two new districts have come in (Portuguese speaking) and 3 of them have already received their Visas. Unfair!

The Portuguese is definitely coming. We tried our first day speaking entirely in Portuguese on Fast Sunday--it was very difficult!  I was the only one who wanted to go the entire day.  The rest of my district decided to stop at dinner. 

     I forget how much I said in my last letter about our investigators. Our first investigator, "Antonio", went very well, and near the end he accepted our invitation to baptism. He actually ended up being a new teacher of ours!  His real name is Irmao (Brother) Miller, and he is actually from Brazil. He is a lot more intense than our other teacher, Irmao Cannon. They are both good in their own ways.

     We just started teaching "Carlos" (also played by Irmao Miller). This time we did not read a bio before meeting him, and it didn't go quite as well as it had gone with Antonio. Meu companheiro's (my companion's) and my language skills are improving quickly.

     My dorm is so fun! There are 4 missionaries in my room and 6 from our district in the room across the hall. They have nerf gun battles that can get a bit intense. One of my favorite people I've met so far is a missionary named Elder Worley from Washington DC. He is also going to Belem. I suppose you could label him a very strong Republican, and so we have had quite a few discussions about many different things! He is great to chat with, because we are both willing to listen and really consider each other's views. We also write love poems to each other.

     The other Elder in our room is named Elder Klodnicki. He is from Texas, and very into acting. He is really into his girlfriend back home, so I decided to write her a love letter. It's pretty great, and I'll send it with one of these emails someday.

     One of the missionaries brought a mini Ping-Pong set just like the one I had at home. We are going to have some pretty serious games! One missionary, Elder Wright, is a very talented Ping Pong player. I will definitely be challenged! 

     We have Gym most days, and Elder McCrea and I usually switch off on what we want to do. I always want to play soccer, and he usually wants to play 4-square. The soccer games get really intense here...the missionaries are pretty good, and some of them played for BYU's soccer team. I'm sure it will get even more competitive when I go to Brazil!

     As you may know, every Sunday is a big devotional. Two days ago I went in expecting a Church speaker; you can imagine my surprise when I saw Jenny Oaks Baker, violin in hand, on the stage. I was freaking out. She played 5 or 6 songs and talked in between them. She is one talented violinist! Her children also performed a Piano, Guitar, Violin, and Cello quartet, which was pretty cool.

     I will audition for a musical number  this Thursday, and I am very excited. One of the Elders in my district, Elder Packer (yes, related distantly to THE Elder Packer), will be accompanying me on "A Child's Prayer".  He is a very good pianist. I'm hoping our performance will hold up with the other talent in the MTC.

     My time is up, and I must be done. I love all of you!

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