Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hand-written letter received during the week:
     It's amazing how fast time flies!  I can't believe it has been 3 weeks since I last saw you guys at the airport!  (The word "guys" is driving me crazy.  We're not supposed to say "guys", and if we do we have to do 10 push-ups.)
     Please tell the Jones family "Thank You" for the chips and salsa!!  It was very good, and my roommates made a party out of it!
     I miss everyone very much.  I look through my photo book nightly, and even our family craziness is starting to appeal to me.
     When I left, I was dying to think I wouldn't get a back scratch for 2 years.  To my pleasant surprise, I have gotten a back rub (which is still NOT the same) at least 6-7 times since my arrival.  Meus filhos (my children), the other Elders in my district, take care of their Momma.  One of the elders has an interesting technique.  He attacks your back like Jesus casting out evil spirits (too much?).  It hurts terribly while he is thus engaged. However, when he finishes, my back feels like it has been washed by the tears of angels. It's good and bad.
     One of the missionaries in my dorm is very similar to Austin, and I find myself drawn to having really long, interesting chats with him.  I miss Austin's personality and intellect very much.
     Tips I have learned so far:
*I would have focused more on Scripture Mastery.  I know it pretty well, but it would have been much better to really study it.
*I wish I would have read more from the Book of Mormon!
*I wish I were better at being more adaptable to other personalities.
*Girls have cooties.
*Rules at the MTC can be beat, but not too much.
*Rephrased by Elder Hayes--Rules at the MTC are made of string, and that string is spun from common sense. 
*Do the MTC choir.  It's awesome!
*Your district is your family.  Play nice.
*Don't shoot your Branch President with a Nerf gun.
*Don't stress too much over language.  It'll come quickly.  

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