Monday, November 25, 2013

QUERO SER BATIZADO-I want to be baptized!

Hello everyone! I hope life is going very well out in Missouri/everywhere else. I´ll go ahead and write chronologically for this week. 
 A mini sleepover we had outside.
We moved our mattresses outside and slept there (with some fans to keep away bugs).
First off, we had a zone conference this last Tuesday! It was good, but a bit worrying at the same time. Usually this zone baptizes around 15-20 people in 1 month. Which is great! But for some reason this month has just been horrible. We´ve baptized 5 people this month. And 0 of them was Elder Ramos and I! So our zone leaders chewed us out a bit. 
Elder Ashby and Elder Grondim--studs!!
After that, they told us we were going to do a practice lesson and asked for volunteers (about 16 people in Barcarena). No one else volunteered, so I raised my hand. Elder Ramos and I taught the restoration and committed the "investigators" to be baptized on this date.  
Apparently it went really well! Which was good, because the "leader of the trainers" was watching. So good for me! 
It´s not like we don´t do this with real investigators. Because we do! We had like 25 people on date at one time. But "on date" here is pretty different from on date in the US. 
The coconut-looking thing is Cupoaçu, a fruit native to Para. Only found in Para!
Anyways, a couple days later we were walking to a lesson, and we heard somebody calling "Elders, Elders!". We turned to see a little girl and boy running up to us. They were really excited and were yelling "Quero ser batizado, Quero ser batizado!!!" (I want to be baptized!). How many times during a mission does a missionary hear that??
Well we asked if their parents were nearby and they said yes. Their mom said they had visited our church once but they were very busy. They did say we could stop by and share a lesson sometime. Hoorah!
Enjoying a meal we cooked on P-day!
Naturally, we were also very excited for children of the "marriage" families to be baptized as well. Everything was going perfectly. We taught all the lessons, had the interviews, signed the papers. And one of the children chose me to baptize her! And then on Sunday (the baptism was going to be after church), we waited....and waited...and finally the member that was supposed to pick them up arrived...without anyone else. 
Apparently when he arrived to pick them up, one of the dads asked why they had to be baptized again. We´d already talked about this about 3 times with the mothers and they never had any questions or problems. We still don´t know all the reasons why they didn´t come. We are going to visit them tonight. But hopefully they will happen next week!
Some kind of carne (meat)!
On Sunday, about an hour before church during lunch with President Sousa, President asked Elder G to give a ten minute talk during church. Elder G said no. I said why not! So later that day I gave a "ten" minute talk that ended up being 20 minutes! Everybody said it was really good and that they could understand me, so I was very happy with it. 
To answer questions from your email: 
I´m not exactly sure what river/body of water we have to go on to get to Belém. I know that we have to ride off the direct coast of Belém and that is where the water is choppy.
We do not teach an English Class, because the chapel is too far away. It is very hard for people to go anywhere around here. That´s one of our problems.
I don´t really remember what game we were playing, but it was fun!
The weather is always super hot. It usually rains once a day for about 5 minutes, but that´s all! I think that it rains a lot more in other areas. The roads are about half and half paved and dirt. We walk a ton every day because our area is so large. Tracting is super easy because there are always people in the streets. We never need to knock or clap doors, we just talk to people sitting down in front of their houses. 
These are all pictures of a "noite familiar", or family home evening, that we had a couple weeks ago. 

Tell her I love her and I hope she recovers quickly!As always, I love you all!

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