Monday, December 29, 2014


White Christmas--
10 families were married and 24 people 
were baptized in one day!

We made T-shirts and gave one to President and Sister Scisci. Using the "He is the Gift" campaign was my idea :D 

The sisters used a cheap place by their house to make them. I had 4 people that had chosen me to baptize them, 3 people had chosen Elder Ramos, and the rest said it didn't matter. But in the hour of changing clothes, our stake president called me to talk with him and said that there would be only 1 baptizer for time-purposes and asked if Elder Ramos could baptize. So he ended up baptizing everybody. But that's okay. It is the same Priesthood!
White Christmas! 

           Christmas in a shopping center--

We loved the ornaments you sent to us to give out to members and investigators.  Here's pictures of us giving them out--
Hanging the ornament on the tree!

Giving out the ornaments you made!

More ornament deliveries--

Our zone on Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2014


What a wonderful holiday to celebrate on a mission! While we may not have snow, we have an excited christmas spirit here in Macapá!

Of course I am loving so very much all of the Presents that you guys sent me! I think that Austin is beating me on taking cute photos of opening and using the presents...but I'll get there! 

So basically our week was pretty rushed. There were still things from the White Christmas that we had to work on, but everything worked out in the end. 

We had a meeting with Pres. Jansen (our stake president) today. He is loving the work that we are doing here and just wants us to continue. 

We talked about the various mission groups that we have in our stake. Amapá is still very new, so there are plenty of places that are starting the church. 

I am LOVING the presents! I am eating well, smelling good, wearing clean clothes, and breaking records on the rubix cube at the same time. What is your guy's records? My first high score was 15 minutes. Then 10 minutes. Then 8 minutes. Then 5 minutes. And the other day I did it in 3 minutes and 16 seconds!!! 

I'll be sure to take some cool photos this week of the presents. We are using the ornaments that you made as a great way to give to people, and then they let us in to their homes and feed us!

Unfortunately I wasted a lot of my time trying to send the voice recording...and I already have to go. But we'll be able to speak better this next Thursday, 5pm my time!

I love you guys!

Elder Gale.

Monday, December 8, 2014


It´s weird writing you guys when I just talked with you were right, you caught me completely by surprise. I was actually sitting in the Sacrament Meeting of another ward in our same building. I had just finished taking the sacrament when you called me to tell me about Grandpa Bear dying. 

Elder Ramos already knew that you guys would call me and he told me that Pres. Scisci would be calling me soon about something important in the zone, so I was watching my cell phone. But it took me COMPLETELY off guard to hear your voices! And in English! I didn't know what to think when I heard my mom's voice. It was so wonderful, but at the same time, so apprehensive because I knew that it couldn't be good news if my mom had gotten permission to call me. 

It worked out well because I didn't even have time to think about the call, you guys, or Daryl. Right after the call we had to start our ward missionary devotional that Elder Ramos and I put on, so I was busy with that and didn't even think much about the call.  

I have to go take care of some things, and hopefully I can write again later.

Later in the day--

I RECIEVED 4 PACKAGES!!! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!!! Of course I said in the voice recording, but I really can't thank you guys enough for the packages. I felt so loved! I literally squealed as I opened the presents to see all the food, socks, messages, coat, voice recorder, peanut butter, belt, ring, and etc. It was really awesome. It took a while and I ended up paying the $150 for the package, but it was worth it! Thank you so much!I´m making a voice recording for you guys right now. 

Well I made a voice recording...but it was all weird because I was trying to do it at the same time as I filled out the mission records. Just letting you guys know the news...everything is ready for the White Christmas. I´ll take tons of photos of course. my companion, Elder Prado, is coming here tomorrow. We had 18 people at church yesterday, which was a new record for me. (With 10 of them preparing for baptism this next Friday, and 7 of them were announced in sacrament meeting). So we're super excited to have all of this happening. 

Love you guys!

Elder Gale.

Monday, December 1, 2014


Hey family!

We had another great week preparing for the transfer, for White Christmas, & for the mission counsel in Belém this week...All of these crazy events coming up  and I hardly know what to write. 

I'm already losing sleep because of the White Christmas marriage and baptism service. There is so much stuff to do! I made a voice recording that explained everything, but then I left the memory card at home. But we have basically 4 families ready. They've already given the money, the papers for marriage, and even have the baptismal sheet signed. 

We have 3 more that we will have to finish up the preparations before tomorrow. Which basically means we won't have P-Day. After the travel it will be a bit more peaceful, because the marriage papers will already be turned in. Who know marriage was so difficult!

As always, the weather is really really hot.  I actually got here in Macapá right when it stopped raining. Now it turned from really hot to unbearably hot. I haven't seen rain for months. I put a ton of sunscreen on everyday and I still get burned. But I'd rather it be hot than cold! It's worse for Austin--isn't it really cold there right now in Chile?  

The day after Thanksgiving Elder Ramos asked me..."Elder Gale, Wasn't yesterday American Thanksgiving?" And I responded "I have no idea..." And I looked at the calender and it had already passed  :).  

I think you know already that every day of my mission is pretty much the same thing. Rice, beans, and some kind of meat. Every day...It's a good thing that I like it  :D  Be prepared...I'm dreaming about dinner the day when I get home. I won't be able to eat a lot, because I developed a habit of eating very little here on the mission, but I will absolutely love anything that we eat that is NOT rice, beans, and meat :D Anything.

I've been blessed with lots of health during my mission!    I have only gotten sick 1 time on my mission in Capanema for just 1 day.  I am trying to gain weight. I'm exercising every day and taking supplements. My goal is to return home in a great physical condition. There were a few times in the mission (castanheira) where I lost weight due to lack of food. But here I am eating well and "gettin big!".  I do 3 sets of Pushups, close in, far out, and incline. And then I do abs and arms. I'm starting to see the difference about now. The challenge will be to keep up with the routine :D
I made a voice recording...but Elder Ramos forgot the adapter in our house. So I'll go ahead and lay out the news...

Elder Ramos will be the new AP!!! President called yesterday night and spoke with him for a bit. The current AP will train a new missionary while Elder Ramos steps in as the new assistant. I think the mission will become a party.  I was pretty sure it would be Elder Ramos, because there is almost always 1 American AP and 1 Brazilian AP. The Brazilian AP is leaving, so it has to be a Brazilian. It's not too hard to guess out of all the zone leaders who will be the new AP.

However, after much pleading, many letters written, President decided to let Elder Ramos stay here until after Natal Branco! So Elder Ramos will baptize everybody in sight with me, become the Elder that baptized the most people of all the missionaries in Brazil-Belém (72, soon to be more) and then leave to guide the mission and bother all of the zone leaders every day as the new assistant. It's a pretty good life. 

And who will be my new companion? My brother! Elder Prado. I will train him as a new Zone Leader. It's pretty fantastic, because Elder Prado is also Elder Ramos´ child. I will be companions with my brother!

Our zone will not be able to go to the full mission Christmas devotional.  Just imagine...If our zone were to go to a devotional in Belem the mission would have to practically rent out an airplane. All of our transfers are by airplane in Macapá. We will be hosting our own devotional and of course I will be the violin star! :D

I will be able to pick up the packages this Wednesday since I am flying to Belem for a zone leader conference. I'm so excited!!! Can I open the Christmas one?

It seems like the Elders are so much a part of your lives at home. I don't really remember much about the sister missionaries except for dinner appointments.  The elders called me once during high school to visit an investigator with them but then he fell through and we tracted for 30 minutes. I'm so glad I'm here in Brazil where we don't have to tract. :D

Love you guys!

Elder Gale

Monday, November 24, 2014


One more amazing week here in Macapá. We are getting crazy with all of the preparations for Natal Branco. 

So we are getting super busy here in Macapá. 
 There are 2 photos from 2 families that will be married on the White Christmas. 

Besides the Natal Branco, we are preparing some Christmas devocionals for the ward and stake.  

This photo is at the church-all of the investigators. 

C's baptism from last week!

It's weird...
I don't really know what to say because I already shared everything about my week in the voice recording. 

We had a really cool Family Home Evening 
in the ward this last week. 
We had it in the house of one of our investigators, L. 
It gave a great turnout! 
We had about 50 people there...imagine! 

We had 1 obstacle to our White Christmas. Yesterday, the Stake President sat down with us in our meeting and told us we would have to cancel everything. He had some concerns with the civil marriages that were being planned.  However when we started telling him about how many families were being prepared, he started thinking differently.  President Scisci called him, and when President hears the word "baptism", there's nothing that can stop him!  Now everything is back on track for our White Christmas on December 12th! 

Love you guys! 

Elder Gale