Monday, February 24, 2014


Hello family and friends! I glad to hear that you guys finally got my letters! I´ll try sending more soon.
I love my new area! It feels really isolated. It was a couple hours away from Castanhal, which is a couple hours away from Belém.
I first met Elder Barros as we were switching omnibus. He's super cool! His personality is very straightforward, so it's easy to know what he's thinking. He is a very obedient missionary, so that will be great. He teaches very well and knows a ton about the Gospel. He also is a convert of 3 years-and 1 year on the mission. He is the only one in his family who is a member and he knows why he's out here.
My area is very large, as we split the entire city of Capanema with the Sisters. The members here are very rich, which means that our meals with them will be super good!
In our area there is also a small population of people that live in a neighboring city, Salinas. I'm thinking they will start a group there pretty soon and I'm hoping to be a part of it.
 That's so great that Austin sent his call in! This wait will be just as difficult for me as it will be for you guys! I'm super anxious to hear where he's going.
My 3 guesses for the call are:
1. Brazil Belém
2. Columbia, South Carolina
3. Lawrence, Kansas
I got 2 packages this week! Your package and the package from Lhylla's family! Thank you guys very much for the package. I actually got it during transfers when I was in the mission office, opened it, and then resealed it so that the other missionaries didn't eat everything...and then I left it in the mission office by accident. I´ll get it tomorrow in Belém.
And relay my gratitude to Lhaylla's parents for their package! It was the perfect time to get it. It's always difficult to move houses because you don't have any food when you get there. This time, I didn't have that problem! Thank you so much!
Happy Birthday to Dad and Austin! Dad, you're an awesome example, priesthood leader, and father. I look up to you in so many ways! (not in height). I hope you enjoy your birthday immensely and somebody gives you an extra present from me. Austin, you're an awesome young man. Keep up the good work with the mission.
I love you guys.
Called to Serve,
Elder Gale

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