Monday, February 17, 2014


I don't have too much time, so I'll be quick!

I bet you can't guess from the email title..but I was transferred! I will leave on Tuesday at noon. My next area is Capanema, Castanhal. This will be my 4th area in the field and my 7th Companion...I think. It´s very unusual for me to be trading areas so much. It´s common for missionaries to finish the mission only having 5 or 6 areas. 

My new companion is Elder Barros. I haven´t met him yet...but I'm excited to!  He is the LD in Capanema, so that's cool. 

About the area...I've heard that Açai is really cheap there and the members are really cool. And that's about all that I know!

I´m sad to leave Castanheira. I love it here.    

Extra information on Transfers: 

Elder Cedraz and Elder Nores will stay here and they both will train this next transfer.  

Elder Ramos will be Zone Leader of Icoaraci.

My week:

It was good! I actually didn't end up staying home all day, but it was something close to that. We would go to lunch (because I have to eat) and then Elder Nores would drop me off at the house of a member and leave with one of the young men. I stayed with Irmão John (an American name!), who works at home and is a return missionary, almost the whole week. We talked almost the whole time every time I stayed with him. We talked a ton about mission life and techniques of teaching. He knows a ton about the gospel and it was really informative to stay with him. It ended up being a great week!

Elder Nores was able to get one of our investigators (E) firmly committed to baptism...for the next week. I will be gone! But I´m sure everything will go well for next week and I´ll report back when I know more. 

The 7th day Adventist wasn't able to come to church, but is still interested!

Sorry it's short! The good thing about trading areas is that wherever you are in the world, the gospel is the same and the Church is still true. Love you guys!

Elder Gale

A photo of me and Elder Marcedo. 
I did a division (what do they call this in English?) 
with him a week or two ago.

The foto of our desperdido--going away party the members threw for me yesterday. We had cake!

Me being the super-missionary I am!

Me and Elder Baldwin-my favorite LZ. 
You can tell him I said that. 
He already knows. <3 

Zona Cabonagem!

My beautiful face :)

Me in front of Parque Shopping
Me and Elder Nores in front of our Capela.  

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