Monday, March 10, 2014


Dear Friends & Family...

We had a really great experience with the baptism of E. this week. We were planning on C. being baptized this week, but it was postponed to next week because she wants her extended family to be there. 

So we were disappointed because we wouldn't have a baptism this week! We prayed about who could still be baptized, and we both thought of E., who was fully prepared but lacking desire. On Friday we went to his house and challenged him to be baptized the following day. He didn't seem moved at all. He kept saying "maybe, I don't know", and so on. We invited him to pray about it that night.
Baptism of E!
As we closed, E. said the prayer before we left. He prayed that he could receive an answer if he should be baptized the next day. And then he got a bit choked up, and prayed that he could be baptized the next day. The spirit was with us and he knew that he needed to be baptized.

*Side note from mom--we all sent Carson an email this week telling him that Austin got his mission call--then we each told him a different mission!  Austin told him he had to guess which one was the correct one!

It was so exciting to hear about Austin's mission call!   I read the email from Maggie first and, that was blunt. Lima Peru it is! 
Then I read Dad's and thought...somebody swapped the mission call. Is it Lima, or Concepcion? The hispanic countries aren't all the same, you know. 
Then I read Mom's and caught on to the game. I started thinking that he hadn't really received anything and everybody was messing with me. 
Finally I read Austin's and I watched the video. The audio on this computer is really low, and he choked with emotion in the moment he said the name. I only heard "You have been called .....................South Mission."  Dad emailed me the real mission,  AND I HAD GUESSED RIGHT! I promise I didn't watch first!

2 missionaries in South America--yaaa buddy! We'll baptize everyone in South America.   Austin will have amazing experiences in Chile. I personally know 3 Chilean missionaries and they are all exceptional. I'll ask them what he should expect!

I would have loved to be there for when Austin opened his call, but it's even better to be serving and to know that he will soon join the ranks.
The letter this week will be short, because I used most of my time trying to watch the video and read the letters. And we're pretty rushed today because I'm in Castanhal, waiting to go to Belem for the mission conference. I think we will return tomorrow.
Once more, congratulations to Austin and thanks to everyone that encouraged him to serve. I know that my family will be blessed as we continue the tradition of missionary service. 
Called to Serve, 
Elder Gale

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