Monday, March 17, 2014


Hello everyone!

We had another baptism this last Sunday. C was baptized right before Church started. It was a wonderful service, and she chose me to baptize her! My camera is not working very well, but Elder Barros was able to take a photo.
Baptism of C!
I'll go ahead and answer the questions you sent real quick, because I'll forget if I don't.

Elder Barros is from São Paulo. (My third comp Paulista!)

The package I received was the one with the contacts in it. But with the craziness of the transfer I still haven't received it! It's at the mission office waiting for me. However, I did receive the package you guys sent in November! It was old, but the candy/granola bars were still good! And I found a total of 15 dollars in the granola bars, which definitely surprised my companion! He walked away muttering something along the lines of "Stupid rich Americans"...I didn't really have anything in my defense. :D

My toe is basically better. I've been using shoes for the past couple weeks and I think I will continue. However, I can't say the same thing for my companion. He has a really nasty ingrown toenail right now and it's going to bother him for a long while. His is worse than mine ever was, because the nail grew 3 centimeters into the toe on the bottom side, which may mean surgery to get it out.

As for less actives...were starting to work more on it. We're trying really hard to divide the Capanema Ward. We need 36 worthy Priesthood-holding Elders, and right now we have 28. There are many men/families that have gone inactive, so we're trying to visit them and re-activate as many as we can. It's pretty amazing...the church has only been in the Capanema area for about 16 years and it's almost dividing!

We are starting to put 1-2 days out of our week to travel to Salinas. I think I will be here when a group is started there. It will grow very fast.

How much was the notebook for Elder Cedraz? He'll pay me this next mission tour in April 21st.

Is there anyway I could buy another camera here in Brazil? Mine isn't working, and I would like to be able to take photos here to record memories and such. 

Sorry this is short. My computer wasn't working well and Elder Barros is ready to go.

Love you guys!   Elder Gale

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