Monday, March 31, 2014


Hi everyone! I don't know how or if I will be able to write everything that I need to in the time that I have. I spent a bit of time on my letter to the Mission President today, so we'll see what happens!
Elder Selfie!

First off: the questions that you would like me to answer.

1. The camera
I did already buy a camera. It is a good one and I like it a lot. It was R$280, which is about $115. I don't know if I could return it or not. That wifi thing sounds pretty cool. I can ask about it. If given the choice, I think I would like to stick with the one I have.

2. The Suitcase
I bought a suitcase for a smoking deal I found at a local supermarket. R$99! And it was a pretty good one too! I bought it before I left Castanheira.

3. Requests for the package.
I think my favorite things to receive in packages are photos. Photos of you guys, friends, whoever. It's great to have an idea of what's going on with you guys. I liked the PopTarts you sent! I think I've finally reached the point that I have so many ties that I don't need any more :D And whatever other treats or things that you think of I will love. I'll make a list next time it's time for a package of things I would like to receive.

News Flash: It's transfer week!

I will-----stay here in Capanema. Yay! I don't know yet who will be my companion.

Elder Barros will------leave the area. He doesn't know where he will go or who will be his companion.
My pretty mug.
I don't know if President will send another 2 missionaries to Salinas or if it will still be my area. We'll see!

We had a miracle baptism this week. (Another!) We have an investigator named M. He was actually supposed to be baptized 1 week ago, but the night of his baptism he disappeared. We searched for him and called him but to no avail. It was pretty disappointing. I didn't mention it because things were so awesome with A.

Anyway, we tried to find him this whole week. We passed by his house countless times and I think he has 1000 missed calls from us on his phone! By Saturday, we could not find him. On Saturday, we said a special prayer that we would be able to find M and would be able to baptize in the last week of the transfer. Nevertheless, we didn't find him on Saturday and we had no baptism.

On Sunday, we tried by his house (which is very far away) 1 last time before church. There was no one home. We called and no one answered. Finally we gave up and went to church.

There we saw something we could hardly hope for or believe. M´s motorcycle was sitting in the parking lot and he was walking into the church!  We were able to talk to him and teach him in a little room nearby. He recounted that he wasn't baptized the last week because he felt ashamed.  We had given him a Book of Mormon, but he does not know how to read (he's from Manaus in the Amazonás). He thought that there would be some requirement that he wouldn't be able to fulfill because he couldn't read.

Quickly we explained that there was no requirement to read in order to be baptized. There is the Book of Mormon in audio and surely one of the members would happily and willingly teach him how to read. 

Our conversation went like this.
"M, do you still have the desire to be baptized?"
"Are you still living the commandments? The Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity?"
Would you be willing to be baptized after sacrament meeting today?"

And M was baptized and confirmed directly after sacrament meeting.
Miraculous baptism of "M"!
Milagres são reais. Miracles are real.
Called to serve,
Elder Gale

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