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Hello everybody!   Happy Easter to you all!
It sounds like Easter was a happy experience for all of you. Mom, I wish so much that I could have been there for your talk and the song you signed. I hope I can see it after somehow! :D
Easter here in Brasil was different but wonderful. There wasn't so much celebration as I am used to. Everything is still very commercialized here, but not the same level as the US. I felt like people focused more on the Resurrection of Christ than the eggs and candy...but maybe that's just because I'm a missionary and everybody acts like that around me. :D
Baptism of M!

Our week was absolutely a week of miracles. We started the week thinking we would have nobody to be baptized. 

On Tuesday, we ended up speaking with one of our old investigators and challenged him for the next Saturday

Miraculously, he accepted! We've been working with him since before I arrived, so it was an absolute surprise to see him willing to change.

We visited him every day during the week and he was baptized on Saturday.


Salinas! In this photo everybody is up early in the morning for the baptism.
It has to happen early because if we wait there will be people on the beach.
Everyone´s getting ready for J's baptism! 
(just pretend you don´t notice the hat he´s wearing ;) )

The other was a man named J.  

Actually, we heard about him on Sunday--that he went to the meeting in Salinas. 

I called him on Tuesday and taught the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity to him over the telephone.

Baptism of J! 

On Thursday we traveled to Salinas and taught him for the first time. 

J is taller, and Renato is the young man who baptized him.They both want to be missionaries! 

We read Mosiah 18- baptism powerhouse! 

Everybody together for the baptism!

On Friday 
he was baptized!

Another miracle of the week:
After the baptism, some of the members jumped into the sea to take a bath. 

We have been preparing a young woman, J, for baptism this next Saturday. She lives very far away, so until yesterday we had only met with her in the Chapel. 

Yesterday we had a bit of free time and so we decided to visit her in her house. When we finally found the house, she wasn't there! We talked with her family and explained that we were teaching her. We asked if we could share a message with them. 

1 hour later, Jessica's parents and 4 siblings were on date to be baptized! And they are very excited to come to Jessica's baptism. 

Thank you so much for your prayers that we would find a family! They still need to be married, but we will work with them on that.
Crazy Brazilians!
It was interesting to read your letter about violin. It's weird to me to think that violin was such a big part of my life only a short time ago. I still play frequently, but without practice I've lost a lot of the technical ability I had. I think part of it is the violin itself, because it's not very good for the violin to be in the heat and humidity of Brazil. When I try to play some of the classics that I played for the Senior Recital, I can't get through half the song. But it's absolutely a sacrifice worthwhile to be present here in Capanema being a missionary. There is no work with greater reward than this.
Me at the lighthouse in Salinas!
Piano, however, is a different story. I play every sacrament meeting for the congregation, and while I still don't play all the notes perfectly, I can play almost every hymn in the hymnal. It's great to be able to help the members and still have some music in my life. :D
I hope you all enjoy the time you have with Austin in the last couple months, and especially the last months of him having a beard! You will treasure these memories very much.
I love you all. Choose the right!
Called to Serve,
Elder Gale

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