Monday, April 28, 2014


Baptism of M!

Hello everybody! 
I had a couple responsibilities on the computer today with a new program for the retention of recent-converts, so I won't have so much time to write to you all.

Love the beaches of Salinas!
Elder Gale, M, and his brother who baptized him.

Yet another miracle! 

blesses us very much. 

We traveled to Salinas on Thursday and met M. He had such a sincere desire to be baptized and be a member that we couldn't wait for the next week. M was baptized on Friday morning in the oceans of Salinas by his brother, R.

After the baptism 
we had an interesting lunch at Raimundo's house--CRABS! 

They were very good! 
You have to break the legs off and eat the portions of meat on the insides. 

You can also suck the juice from the legs. 
It was delicious!

Baptism of J!

J was baptized on Saturday here in Capanema--it was a very tranquil baptismal service.  I played my violin for J's baptism.  

J and her mom

Only her mom was able to come to see the actual baptism, 
but she had the support of her whole family.

Both of the baptisms were wonderful experiences. The Lord is really blessing us in our work here in Capanema and Salinas.
You asked about Elder Da Rosa and our relationship: I don't think that I've ever had a better companion. We're best friends and it's a wonderful opportunity I have to serve him as his trainer and leader, as well as to learn from him and the ideas he has. 

New missionaries have a hope for people that inspires me to continue the work of salvation with enthusiasm! I hope I can stay with Elder Da Rosa for a long time.
Transfers are this next week, can you believe it!?! The members in Salinas told us that they made a special request that we be sent there, but I doubt they really have any influence over the president. Almost 100% I will stay with Elder Da Rosa in either Salinas or Capanema.

We still need to finalize our plans for Mother's day here in Capanema/Salinas, but let's plan for now to Skype/talk at 3 o´clock, Brasil time.
I wish I had more time to write you all. I love each one of you!
Called to Serve,
Elder Gale

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