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I thought you would like to know about the other mothers that I have here in Capanema.
Even though we live here in Capanema without a biological family, the missionaries here still have a family! On Mother's Day we chose the 3 "Missionary Moms" here in Capanema.
The winners were:
Irmã Idelcina--#1 Mission Mom!!

1. By far the mother of all the missionaries here in Capanema is Irmã (Sister) Idelcina. As another proof that she is our mother, she took great care of me yesterday. 

I was feeling quite a bit sick on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon after church I ended up staying the day at her house with her son, Tony (the ward mission leader). She gave me a bunch of herbal medicines (the family owns a line of herbal stores called "Herbs Cure" throughout Pará and a few other states in Brasil). 

They put up a hammock and I stretched out to rest. Elder Da Rosa worked with a young man preparing to serve a mission. I never felt so pampered :D!   I woke up today feeling 100% better, ready for P-Day and for an exciting week. So Idelcina wins by a longshot. (She also feeds us on all of our P-Days and any other day that our member-meals fall through).
Irmã Regina!
2. Second place, Irmã Regina! (the other photo with her and her husband). Even though she lives in the area of the Sisters, she helps us out a ton. She motivates her son to visit people with us. 

Every Sunday she brings cake and juice to the chapel for a mini-dinner. And they are the only family that has consistently had Açai at every one of our meals with them :D!

3. Irmã Regina. Yes, she does share the name with #2. Irmã Regina is the President of the Relief Society and only has 2 years as member. Her conversion story is quite miraculous. If I remember right she was praying and asking God to send somebody to help her family at the same moment the missionaries knocked on her door. I don't have her picture here on this SD Card, but I will send it to you another day. Irmã Regina is always willing to help us. We used Skype at her home to speak with you all.

And of course the real winner of all is you, my wonderful biological mother. But don't worry, I am being mothered quite a bit here in Brasil as well!

We have been teaching a young girl who reminds me SO MUCH of Brindi!! 

And she was baptized this week!  The Brindi-look-alike actually doesn´t look too much like Brindi. It´s more her personality that reminds me of my Brindi-girl. 

V is excited to join the church and someday wants to be a missionary!

I appreciate the advice about not feeling bad if we don't see baptisms weekly. It's hard to not get so wrapped up in the "numbers" attitude that we forget about the importance of every single soul. 

My Zone Leader, Elder Guedes, is very good about this. He focuses on every investigator and the importance they all have, not forgetting that we have to spend our time only with the people with potential to actually progress in the Gospel.

Wow. That's crazy to hear that Lhaylla already left the U.S. I'm very excited to be able to meet her!

Our transfer will happen...I believe the 14th or 15th of June. I'm not completely sure. So I will let you guys know quickly when I know if I will be transferred or not so that you guys can update Lhaylla where I am staying.

If she could email me that would be helpful. We'll probably meet in the Chapel of the area that I'm in, will it be a problem for her to find it?

I think that's about it. Thanks for the support everybody!

Called to Serve,

Elder Gale

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