Monday, May 5, 2014


Hello everyone!
Another wonderful and miracle-filled week here in Capanema/Salinas. 

The last week with 1 companionship for the 2 areas because Salinas will receive missionaries this next week! 

I spoke with some of the members about our experiences there in Salinas, and everyone was so happy about the baptisms that we had, the lessons we learned, and the group that we started. 

I believe that the area Salinas will be added to my district, but I'm not sure.
All the information that I have so far about transfers:
-Elder Da Rosa and I will stay here in Capanema.
-Sister Mendenhall finished her mission and will return to Arizona. Sister Moraes was transferred to another area.
-The new Sisters in Capanema and in my district will be Sister Menezes and Sister Lourenço. Both are Brasilians.
-Elder Christenson, a fairly new American on the Mission, will go to Salinas. I don't know who will be his companion.
-Elder J. Santos will be transferred to our zone! I'm excited to see my father again!
I think that's about it. I'm excited and happy to stay here in Capanema!
So for our Skype time this Sunday. I'm so very excited for Mother's day! It will have a whole new meaning here on the mission.
I was speaking with the member who would let me use his computer to Skype you guys, and turns out he will be out of town. I'm sure I will find something to be able to Skype with you all without any problems. 

I believe we will be authorized to call you on Saturday to confirm everything, but I'm not sure. 

Be prepared on Saturday to receive a call from Brasil!
I love you guys. Until Mother's Day!
Elder Gale

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