Monday, June 30, 2014


Dear Family...

Wow...It's hard to grasp that Austin will be leaving for his mission this Wednesday. It seems like I just arrived here and now my brother is already starting his mission? Time flies when your having fun!

I hope you guys cherished the past week on the boat with Austin, because it's the last time you'll see him for a while! Just imagine that this time next year I'll be preparing to board the plane to fly home...I get nervous just thinking about it! I'm at that wonderful time on the mission right now where I know what I'm doing and loving it. 

As for the package ideas...:D

A light rain jacket would be perfect, voice recorder as well...For right now I think I'm good on white shirts. I actually think these will last me the rest of my mission. We'll see how it works out :D.  Other clothes--I think I'm good on everything. Deodorant I'm buying here. Candy or sweets to share with Brazilian children are always nice :D.

I got the package with the rain gear!  Thank you so much for the love and support you send with these packages! Besides alleviating my sweet tooth, I can feel the prayers you are sending my way and the support you show to me. Agradeço!

Elder Rolando is from Curitiba, Paraná. He and his brother are the only members of their family. He was baptized when he was 13 years old and always wanted to serve a mission. I've been on splits with Elder L. Moreira for the last 3 days in area Julia Seffer, so I'm missing my companion already!

Remembering the title of this letter, we were able to organize a dinner with President Scisci, Sister Scisci, and Lhaylla and her parents. It was a great social conversion for Armando and Vambria. I felt Armando´s need for a more professional idea of the Church and asked President if he would be willing to do it (not only because I wanted to eat Sister Scisci's cooking, which is delicious :) ). There is a chance we will meet again with them this week in Belém. 

In the meanwhile, Elder Rolando and I are having great success in our area! We set a goal to always stand up on the omnibus and speak to everybody at once about the church when we travel. On one omnibus that we passed, a man asked that we pass at his home later that night. That night we had a very spiritual lesson with him and his wife and 3 children. They are legally married! A, the man, has a strong desire to be baptized. The only problem is that he recently obtained work and he always has to work on Sunday. Please pray for him to be able to honor the Sabbath!

I love you all very much. Keep being the awesome family and friends that you are. 

Called to Serve, 

Elder Gale

Monday, June 23, 2014


Hey Family! 

It's been quite the change here in Ananindeua. I love the area! We live a bit far from the chapel, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for us or our investigators. 

(2 weeks after Carson left on his mission, the Gale family had Lhaylla, a foreign exchange student from Brazil, arrive who quickly became a daughter and part of our family!  She started taking the missionary lessons and loved the gospel right away, but could not be baptized while she was in the exchange program.  She lives in Rio, the southern part of Brazil, but her father works in Belem, the northern part, and his work office is about a mile from the mission office!  Every few months Lhaylla and her mom will go visit him and stay for several weeks).

I'll start with the most important thing. The baptism of my half-sister Lhaylla!
 Lhaylla was baptized this last Saturday! I had the wonderful opportunity of baptizing Lhaylla and confirming her the next day. I know that you all will be very happy to know that she is now a member of The Church of Jesus Christ. 

The first day we met with Lhaylla and her parents, we ended up sharing more with Lhaylla's parents. Elder Rolando and her dad got along really well! Elder Rolando has this professional touch that went well with his personality. Anyway, we concluded that they will continue investigating the gospel, never forgetting the goal of baptism for the entire family.

It was a wonderful experience getting to know Lhaylla and her family better! 

We are scheduling a dinner with her parents and President Scisci to help her dad get a more professional view of the Church. 

My schedule turned a bit crazy recently. In case you are able to look at the areas, I am now helping to lead 2 districts and Elder Rolando has 1. I am leading Marituba 1 and 2, Mosqueiro, Julia Seffer, and Maguari, along with our own area. My district leaders are Elder Neres (1 year and a half on the mission) and Elder L. Moreira (the same). They are really efficient at giving the exact information that I need to to my job. This is the first district of Elder L. Moreira, so it's a bit confusing for him. I know how crazy it gets :D!

We have lots of potential in our area. We are teaching about 9 families, 3 of which have realistic potential for baptism this transfer. They are all very unique, and I'm really excited to have a larger teaching pool of families. It's one thing I want to start focusing on--the importance of family. 

My new companion is fantastic. Elder Rolando. He has about 1 year and a half on the mission and a lot of experience. I am learning a ton from his teaching style and personality. I actually think he teaches better than any other missionary that I've ever seen (and I don't give that compliment easily!)

His speciality is families. It's so interesting to me how he does it. We put goals with our investigators like "Will you say 'I love you' every day?" Will you hug your mom every morning?. I can think of 4 times this week that we left the entire family in tears for the first time in a long time. 

I am being pressed to the limit of my ability right now. I could use all the help I can get. 

Whom the Lord calls, He qualifies!

Elder Gale.

P.S. Sorry I had so little time to write. Zone Leaders don't really have a P-Day. 

P.P.S. I love you all so much!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2014


Wow. There were a lot of changes the last couple of days that I'm still not believing, so good luck believing it. Yesterday I received a call from my Zone Leader that I would stay the transfer in Capanema with Elder da Rosa. We were very happy to stay together and we planned out our transfer. 

Later in the day, as we were visiting some of our investigators, I received another call from my Zone Leader. "Elder Gale, you are being transferred. Tomorrow 8 o'clock you need to be at the chapel in Belém. You need to leave Capanema tomorrow 4 o'clock in the morning". 

I had nothing packed, washed, or ready. I just had time to mash everything into my suitcase! 

Later that night, I received a phone call from President Scisci. "Elder Gale, you are being called to be a Zone leader in Ananindeua, Entrocamento. Your companion will be Elder Rolando". 

So my new area is here in Ananindeua. I'll give you guys more details next letter, because we have to leave. 

I love you all!

Elder Gale

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hey Mom! Hey Family! Hey World!
It is so weird for me to be here in Capanema when so many things are happening in Missouri. It's a weird mix of detachment and strong curiosity at the same time. I want so much to be a part of everything that is happing with you all, but at the same time it all seems very, very far away.
It was amazing for me to hear about Austin's farewell talk and open house. He seems like such a man right now. Chilé needs him there right now. There are people being prepared to meet him, to be taught, and to be baptized in his future areas. Get through the MTC quickly so that you can start teaching real people in the field!
I hope Josh is ready for the role of the oldest child! :D There will be a major change in the family when Austin leaves. Only 6 people in the house??? Crazy stuff.
I have nothing to complain about here in Capanema. Life is very good here in Brasil. Everything is getting really crazy due to the World Cup. Almost every street has banners yellow and green. Every house has the flag of Brazil. Every store is selling Brasil shirts. Even some streets are painted yellow and green. I'll try to take some pictures for you guys. And I'm sure it's even crazier in the other states of Brasil. I'm telling everybody that the US will be the champion, but nobody's believing me.
President is concerned about the missionaries during the World Cup, because the people get a little crazy. Elder Da Rosa told me that people use the Cup as an excuse to do wrong things. A rule was established that the missionaries have to stay in our houses and study during each of the games that Brasil will participate. Elder Da Rosa almost cried.
F, the young man who was baptized this last Saturday, is sharing the gospel with his friends and is already planning on serving a mission. His family lives in another city but we are trying to work with his relatives.
I don't think I shared this with you guys in the last email, but E, (who was baptized last week) had to really fight for that baptism. He is 20 years old and independent, but his family gave 0 support to him. When he told his family he wanted to be baptized they told him they didn't want him in the house anymore. He prayed about it and knew that God wanted him to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ. Yesterday he and Fernando received the Aaronic Priesthood. It was a privilege to teach them both.
This next week is transfers. This is my 3rd transfer here in Capanema and I'm happy to stay another if President will let me!  I'm thinking that it's about fifty-fifty that I will stay or be transferred. There's also a small chance that Elder Da Rosa will be transferred, but I doubt it. I'll let you guys know this next week.
It will be hard to leave Elder Da Rosa if I am transferred. He is really witty and our conversations are always interesting. I think it is almost every night that we go to bed laughing at something. He loves music and plays a bit on the piano. We like to sing hymns and our voices aren't that bad. :D When the time comes I'll be sad to leave him.
Whats more, he's better than me at ping pong! Who would've guessed? When we learned a couple of weeks ago that we had ping pong material in the Chapel and I asked if he liked to play, he said that he likes to play around every once and a while. Then he beat me 21 to 5. Turns out he won all kinds of tournaments in his youth and plays all the time. Every P-Day we are playing and I actually won 1 game today. I think he let me win.
That's about it!  We're focusing a lot on the recent converts in our area. We want to help everybody that we baptized stay active, so we'll put a focus on them.
Anyway, I love you all. Keep up the good work in the US!
Elder Gale

Monday, June 2, 2014


Hello Family! 

It sounds like this was a huge week for you guys! Everybody starting the summer, Brindi leaving middle school, Austin preparing to leave home for a bit over 2 years :D And you guys sold the Love Bus! That was such a distinguishing feature of our family. I hope the floors on the new van are comfy enough to sleep on.

As for our missionary work during the week!

This week was the baptism of E, the boyfriend of a young woman in our ward that will leave for a mission. I am happy to have been a part of teaching E, because I believe he will also leave for a mission after the 1 year wait. He already has 20 years, but he will definitely make a great missionary. I will send pictures this next week.

This last Wednesday we were walking down one of the streets close to home and we saw a man sitting, reading the Bible. We decided to speak with him. Our conversation went like this:

Hello Brother. Could we have a moment to speak with you.

Of course! My name is Pastor Beto. I'm preparing my sermon for mass tomorrow.

It's nice to meet you Pastor Beto. We are missionaries of God. Our names are......We have been sent by God to talk with you today. Pastor Beto, God wants you to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ. Do you believe that God wants this for you, Pastor Beto?

No, of course not! I am already saved! My name is already written in the Book of Life! ......etc.

5 minutes later. Invitation to pray to know if God wants him to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ.

(Pastor Beto) Brothers, I will make a deal with you two. This Sunday I will go to your church in the morning if you go to my church at night.

Absolutely Brother. We would love to visit your church.

In the end, he wasn't able to make it this Sunday. But we decided to make good on our promise and go to his church. We spoke with our Zone Leader who spoke with President Scisci and we got permission for everything. So we traveled about 30 minutes to where his church was and stayed there for about 1 hour and a half. 

Does the Assembly of God exist in the US?  Besides the Catholic church, I believe Assembleia de Deus is the most popular church around here. It was mostly loud microphone singing and some woman that preached so forcefully to the congregation that after the sermon she had to ask a blessing from the Pastor because of a headache. We're excited for this next Sunday when he will visit our church and feel the Spirit testifying to him that he needs to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ, along with his entire congregation. :D

This last week was the Stake Conference. We were able to have the meeting here in Capanema. The Stake President and President and Sister Scisci were all present, as well as 3 surrounding wards and Salinas. It was packed with people! I was able to play piano for all the hymns and violin for the special musical numbers with the Choral. We sang "Oh, How Lovely was the Morning" to the tune of "Come thou Fount" and it was a big hit! When I played violin Elder Da Rosa also played the piano accompaniment with the basic piano part.

I was able to divide with the Elders in Salinas this week. It was great to stay there 1 day and work with the people I love so much. There's always a different feeling in Salinas. One day I hope to show you all the city and the people there. You all would love it!

1 more miracle experience for you all. We were walking on the street this last Wednesday on the way to our lunch. There was a young man walking alongside with us. We didn't even ask his name, we just invited him to be baptized. He accepted! That night we visited him and his family and we are planning his baptism for this Saturday. (He accepted baptism the next day, but he had to travel to his Aunt's house).

Thank you all for all of the support and love! Share the gospel with your friends and loved ones! Lose the fear to tell them what they need in their lives! Tell them that God wants them to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ, because it's true! This is His desire. If we have doubts we can pray and ask him directly. Introduce your friends to the missionaries in your ward so that the servants of God can help your friends to be baptized in His true church. Vamos lá, servir o Senhor!

I will make a challenge to everybody who will read this letter who is a member. Invite at least one of your friends to speak with the missionaries because God wants them to be baptized in His Church. You can't just invite them to speak with the missionaries, but to be baptized as well! Do you want to be a part of the conversion of your friends? Let everybody know about God's restored church!

As for everybody who is not a member of the Church of Jesus Christ that is reading this letter, I know that God wants you to be baptized in His Church. Prepare for this baptism by speaking with His servants, the local missionaries. The day of repentance is today. If you have doubts or questions, ask Him directly. Pray to God, asking "Should I be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ?" If you are praying with faith you will feel strongly that this is His desire for you.

Called to Serve,
Elder Gale