Monday, June 23, 2014


Hey Family! 

It's been quite the change here in Ananindeua. I love the area! We live a bit far from the chapel, but that doesn't seem to be a problem for us or our investigators. 

(2 weeks after Carson left on his mission, the Gale family had Lhaylla, a foreign exchange student from Brazil, arrive who quickly became a daughter and part of our family!  She started taking the missionary lessons and loved the gospel right away, but could not be baptized while she was in the exchange program.  She lives in Rio, the southern part of Brazil, but her father works in Belem, the northern part, and his work office is about a mile from the mission office!  Every few months Lhaylla and her mom will go visit him and stay for several weeks).

I'll start with the most important thing. The baptism of my half-sister Lhaylla!
 Lhaylla was baptized this last Saturday! I had the wonderful opportunity of baptizing Lhaylla and confirming her the next day. I know that you all will be very happy to know that she is now a member of The Church of Jesus Christ. 

The first day we met with Lhaylla and her parents, we ended up sharing more with Lhaylla's parents. Elder Rolando and her dad got along really well! Elder Rolando has this professional touch that went well with his personality. Anyway, we concluded that they will continue investigating the gospel, never forgetting the goal of baptism for the entire family.

It was a wonderful experience getting to know Lhaylla and her family better! 

We are scheduling a dinner with her parents and President Scisci to help her dad get a more professional view of the Church. 

My schedule turned a bit crazy recently. In case you are able to look at the areas, I am now helping to lead 2 districts and Elder Rolando has 1. I am leading Marituba 1 and 2, Mosqueiro, Julia Seffer, and Maguari, along with our own area. My district leaders are Elder Neres (1 year and a half on the mission) and Elder L. Moreira (the same). They are really efficient at giving the exact information that I need to to my job. This is the first district of Elder L. Moreira, so it's a bit confusing for him. I know how crazy it gets :D!

We have lots of potential in our area. We are teaching about 9 families, 3 of which have realistic potential for baptism this transfer. They are all very unique, and I'm really excited to have a larger teaching pool of families. It's one thing I want to start focusing on--the importance of family. 

My new companion is fantastic. Elder Rolando. He has about 1 year and a half on the mission and a lot of experience. I am learning a ton from his teaching style and personality. I actually think he teaches better than any other missionary that I've ever seen (and I don't give that compliment easily!)

His speciality is families. It's so interesting to me how he does it. We put goals with our investigators like "Will you say 'I love you' every day?" Will you hug your mom every morning?. I can think of 4 times this week that we left the entire family in tears for the first time in a long time. 

I am being pressed to the limit of my ability right now. I could use all the help I can get. 

Whom the Lord calls, He qualifies!

Elder Gale.

P.S. Sorry I had so little time to write. Zone Leaders don't really have a P-Day. 

P.P.S. I love you all so much!!!!

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