Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hey Mom! Hey Family! Hey World!
It is so weird for me to be here in Capanema when so many things are happening in Missouri. It's a weird mix of detachment and strong curiosity at the same time. I want so much to be a part of everything that is happing with you all, but at the same time it all seems very, very far away.
It was amazing for me to hear about Austin's farewell talk and open house. He seems like such a man right now. Chilé needs him there right now. There are people being prepared to meet him, to be taught, and to be baptized in his future areas. Get through the MTC quickly so that you can start teaching real people in the field!
I hope Josh is ready for the role of the oldest child! :D There will be a major change in the family when Austin leaves. Only 6 people in the house??? Crazy stuff.
I have nothing to complain about here in Capanema. Life is very good here in Brasil. Everything is getting really crazy due to the World Cup. Almost every street has banners yellow and green. Every house has the flag of Brazil. Every store is selling Brasil shirts. Even some streets are painted yellow and green. I'll try to take some pictures for you guys. And I'm sure it's even crazier in the other states of Brasil. I'm telling everybody that the US will be the champion, but nobody's believing me.
President is concerned about the missionaries during the World Cup, because the people get a little crazy. Elder Da Rosa told me that people use the Cup as an excuse to do wrong things. A rule was established that the missionaries have to stay in our houses and study during each of the games that Brasil will participate. Elder Da Rosa almost cried.
F, the young man who was baptized this last Saturday, is sharing the gospel with his friends and is already planning on serving a mission. His family lives in another city but we are trying to work with his relatives.
I don't think I shared this with you guys in the last email, but E, (who was baptized last week) had to really fight for that baptism. He is 20 years old and independent, but his family gave 0 support to him. When he told his family he wanted to be baptized they told him they didn't want him in the house anymore. He prayed about it and knew that God wanted him to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ. Yesterday he and Fernando received the Aaronic Priesthood. It was a privilege to teach them both.
This next week is transfers. This is my 3rd transfer here in Capanema and I'm happy to stay another if President will let me!  I'm thinking that it's about fifty-fifty that I will stay or be transferred. There's also a small chance that Elder Da Rosa will be transferred, but I doubt it. I'll let you guys know this next week.
It will be hard to leave Elder Da Rosa if I am transferred. He is really witty and our conversations are always interesting. I think it is almost every night that we go to bed laughing at something. He loves music and plays a bit on the piano. We like to sing hymns and our voices aren't that bad. :D When the time comes I'll be sad to leave him.
Whats more, he's better than me at ping pong! Who would've guessed? When we learned a couple of weeks ago that we had ping pong material in the Chapel and I asked if he liked to play, he said that he likes to play around every once and a while. Then he beat me 21 to 5. Turns out he won all kinds of tournaments in his youth and plays all the time. Every P-Day we are playing and I actually won 1 game today. I think he let me win.
That's about it!  We're focusing a lot on the recent converts in our area. We want to help everybody that we baptized stay active, so we'll put a focus on them.
Anyway, I love you all. Keep up the good work in the US!
Elder Gale

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