Monday, June 30, 2014


Dear Family...

Wow...It's hard to grasp that Austin will be leaving for his mission this Wednesday. It seems like I just arrived here and now my brother is already starting his mission? Time flies when your having fun!

I hope you guys cherished the past week on the boat with Austin, because it's the last time you'll see him for a while! Just imagine that this time next year I'll be preparing to board the plane to fly home...I get nervous just thinking about it! I'm at that wonderful time on the mission right now where I know what I'm doing and loving it. 

As for the package ideas...:D

A light rain jacket would be perfect, voice recorder as well...For right now I think I'm good on white shirts. I actually think these will last me the rest of my mission. We'll see how it works out :D.  Other clothes--I think I'm good on everything. Deodorant I'm buying here. Candy or sweets to share with Brazilian children are always nice :D.

I got the package with the rain gear!  Thank you so much for the love and support you send with these packages! Besides alleviating my sweet tooth, I can feel the prayers you are sending my way and the support you show to me. Agradeço!

Elder Rolando is from Curitiba, Paraná. He and his brother are the only members of their family. He was baptized when he was 13 years old and always wanted to serve a mission. I've been on splits with Elder L. Moreira for the last 3 days in area Julia Seffer, so I'm missing my companion already!

Remembering the title of this letter, we were able to organize a dinner with President Scisci, Sister Scisci, and Lhaylla and her parents. It was a great social conversion for Armando and Vambria. I felt Armando´s need for a more professional idea of the Church and asked President if he would be willing to do it (not only because I wanted to eat Sister Scisci's cooking, which is delicious :) ). There is a chance we will meet again with them this week in Belém. 

In the meanwhile, Elder Rolando and I are having great success in our area! We set a goal to always stand up on the omnibus and speak to everybody at once about the church when we travel. On one omnibus that we passed, a man asked that we pass at his home later that night. That night we had a very spiritual lesson with him and his wife and 3 children. They are legally married! A, the man, has a strong desire to be baptized. The only problem is that he recently obtained work and he always has to work on Sunday. Please pray for him to be able to honor the Sabbath!

I love you all very much. Keep being the awesome family and friends that you are. 

Called to Serve, 

Elder Gale

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