Monday, July 28, 2014


Hello Family! I hope everybody is doing well there in the States. We had an awesome week full of miracles here in Ananindeua. 

Before I forget, I have a request. Do you have a scripture marker pen that has access to various colors at once? That kind that you click it to change the colors? There is a member in our ward that is dying to have one and they don't have them here in Brazil.  If you could send it with the package that would be great!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TANNER! I can't believe it is already your birthday again! This will be the second time I will miss being with you for your birthday. You're growing up so fast! 1 year from now I will already be with you guys and will celebrate your birthday together with the family! Keep being the great young man and awesome brother you always have been!

This week was great for us. The greatest miracle was about the young man, L, that skipped the beach last week to go to church. We later learned that he had been searching from God an answer of which church was the true church and which he should follow. He was a member of the 7th day Adventist church for several years but didn't agree about some doctrinal things. He ended up praying for a response to his doubts and questions. That same day we knocked on his door inviting him to church. 

He felt really good that Sunday, but his real conversion happened on Tuesday, when we had a family home evening with a ward family. L always had a really tough family life and when he saw the pure love this family had he was touched. He couldn't hold back the tears and said he knew this was what God wanted for him. 

We challenged him for baptism this last Sunday and he accepted. He was baptized yesterday by Elder Rolando. He will probably receive the priesthood this next Sunday

He already knows practically everything about the church. We went to teach him on Friday and he was talking with his friend about Baptisms for the Dead. He understands everything and I believe will serve a mission 1 year from now. Hoorah!

My 1 year anniversary was pretty tranquil. I bought açai and stuffed myself. It was pretty normal :D

I got the questions and am still answering them! I'm super busy but I will complete them and mail them to you. 

By the way, we received transfers. I will stay here with Elder Rolando 1 more transfer here in Ananindeua. 

I love you guys! 

Called to serve, 

Elder Gale

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