Monday, July 14, 2014


Hello everyone! 

Austin seems pretty excited in the MTC! It reminds me a lot of when I was there.

So, we got so excited about Brasil playing in the Semi-Final World Cup Game that we disobeyed the mission rules and had a party...JK!

President Scisci made an exception for the 

Semi-Final Game and let us watch the game 
with a member. 
We bought soda and popcorn and 
Brasil attire and had a party! 

Elder Rolando and I bought 2 Brasil shirts 
that also had the colors of 2 rival soccer teams 
here in Pará.

I don't know if you guys watched the game. 
In case you didn't see it, just keep it that way. 
Germany took Brasil's pride and spit on it, stepped on it, 
sat on it, and then threw it in the trash!

There were people crying in the streets. 
I was afraid to go out in the street because I look a bit German. The score was 7-1 Germany. Ouch!

At least Germany went on to beat Argentina. 
The ultimate humiliation would be if Argentina had won the Cup.  Brasil has a rivalry against Argentina. 
There are lots of funny Argentinian jokes. 

Everybody was rooting for Germany to take the cup.  If Germany was good enough to slaughter Brasil, they had to be good enough to take down Argentina :D!

Actually I was rooting for Argentina! Germany has already won the world cup 3 times, now 4 times. He is that much closer to being tied with Brasil for 5 wins in the world cup!

I ended up being impressed with the members here in Brasil. When I learned that the final game would begin at 5 o'clock on Sunday and our Church goes until 6:30, I thought nobody would be there in the Chapel. But to my surprise everyone showed up! 

We even had investigators that skipped the big game to go to Church. Imagine if the Superbowl was the same time as Sacrament Meeting... do you think investigators would go?

I'm glad to have this business with the World Cup over. It was fun! But it was very distracting for the Brasilian people. 

We had a great week, full of surprises! One thing I am learning this transfer...The Lord knows who He wants in His Church. We are seeing the 2 sides-- reception and rejection--in our teaching group. We have investigators that are doing all the right things and are being blessed. People that have been prepared to hear our message. 

One of them is E. He is reading the Book of Mormon, going to Church, and praying with real intent to know if this is God's will. And he is receiving miracles in his life. His questions are being answered, and not by us. 

We are also teaching a man called M. He is very intelligent and has previously questioned the effectiveness of organized religion. He is blown away by the clarity of the doctrine and the Book of Mormon. 

We are seeing the other side of things. One investigator, A, that would be baptized last week, is listening to his girlfriend and not doing the things he should. As a result he is unhappy. He is hiding from people and running away. 

Another family we are teaching had a similar experience. We had confirmed everything with D on Saturday and he had gone 1 week without drinking. 

On Sunday we passed by to go to church with him. We walked a long way to get there and when we arrived he was sitting on a bench with a large pile of empty beer bottles around him. It was a very incriminating scene. I was struck by how hollow the momentary relief he received by drinking really was. He was miserable and will only continue with the problems he has with his family. 

We will keep working with our investigators if they are willing to try to follow their goals. I know I am making a difference out here, even if it is in small ways. The people that accept our message will be blessed and everybody else will be left to what they can provide for themselves, which is very little.

I'm looking forward to 1 year on the mission. I love how God prepares us for every point in our lives. If we are doing what we should we will be where we should. When I started my mission I was very ready to start. Right now I am happy to continue serving. When my mission ends I will be ready to accept the other challenges in life. I know that right now I am in the right place. When the time comes to leave I won't be sad, but prepared. It's amazing how the mission prepares you to have the capacity to accept and complete challenges. 

I love you guys! Thank you for everything!
Elder Gale

Random Questions from Mom:
Q: Where do you get your hair cut?
A:  There are a million places here on the streets that cut hair. I just choose one every other month on P-Day. Usually its about 8 reals (like 3.5 dollars). 

Q:  I heard about a Brazilian cheese bread that I wanted to try making.  It's called pao de queijo.  Have you had it?
A:  Pão de queijo is super good. I like it hot and with ketchup!

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