Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Hey family! 

It sounds like you all are having a blast there in the States. It's such an emotional time for the family, separating for two years! For me, already being separated from everybody, it's all excitement! I know that Austin will love his time in the MTC. I'm anxious to hear about his first week!

I was kind of hoping to get Austin's first missionary letter today...is there any way you guys have it and could send it to me? Or maybe his P-Day isn't Monday. That's probably what happened. 

Anyway, I didn't write you guys yesterday because of a Mission Conference that we had with President. I'll have my writing time today!

We had a special training meeting just for the Zone Leaders. We had this activity where I had to blind Elder Rolando with my tie and he had to follow me everywhere and I helped him to eat. 

Lhaylla and her parents dropped by and gave us some presents! Elder Rolando and I are showing our new beautiful ties that we received. Thank you Lhaylla's family!

The photo of various Elders shows my genealogy on the mission. Elder Lucas trained Elder Wilding who trained Elder J. Santos who trained me and Elder Bishop and I trained Elder Da Rosa. 

And of course, I partied it up for Independence Day! 
As annoying as it might have been for the other Elders, 
I celebrated my USA heritage to the max. 
During the day I gave away the USA stuff that I had to the members and investigators...
they loved it!

This last week was a good one. We've been busy trying to help the 3 people ready for baptism this last Saturday...and then all of them fell through. We're going to have to cut some of our investigators to renovate our teaching group. 

We're focusing on having a teaching group diversified and progressive. Some people only take 2, 3, 4 weeks and some people take more time. (and some people take a few days). But if our teaching group is diverse, we can always have somebody on baptism every week. 

Anyway, we are looking to the future for 3 couples being married and baptized at the same time. 

1. P and M

Their children were baptized a long time ago and became less-active. We went to visit them and started teaching the whole family. P already is 100% converted and wants to be baptized. He just needs to marry his wife first. They are gathering the papers and funds sufficient to perform the ceremony. 

2. F and C

F has been attending church for a long time and just needs to be baptized.
3. J and A

I'll write more about the others in a future letter. I need to go!

I love you guys!

Elder Gale

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