Monday, August 11, 2014


Wow, a TON has happened in this last week! 

On Tuesday we were preparing our materials to present that plan to President Scisci when we received a surprise call from the President. 

I wasn't expecting anything like the announcement he gave me. "Elder Gale you are being transferred to Macapá to be with Elder Malosso". I was shocked! 

Since I would be leaving, we went and said goodbye to members and investigators.  These are some pictures of me with the members that I became close to.  The family of Genivaldo and Rose, David and Jamila and Lizane, and Dalva and Micaela.

Here are some photos of the people I was teaching. P (I wasn't able to get a photo of the family together). A and M, a family we were teaching that was passing a lot of difficulties, and F and C, a family, and finally L with his cousin. L is planning to serve a mission and baptize all of his friends in the next year!

The last photo of me and Elder Rolando together. 
I'll miss the guy. 

Me on the airplane!
As you may know, almost the entire part of our mission is in the state of Pará, Brasil. Except for the farthest area that we have that actually is in another state, Amapá. So I was super startled to be emergency transferred to the farthest area in the mission and to another state in Brasil. The transfer was about an hour by airplane. Yes, I'm serious. I took an airplane by myself to arrive here! 

Macapá is know for being a fairly new area here in Brasil. And for baptizing lots of people. I still haven't found it, but there was a Liahona that featured the area of Macapá. Maybe you guys could look it up for me?

The problem of Macapá is that there are a ton of children baptized that fall away from the church. A couple of months ago there were 44 people baptized in 1 month in the zone, but by now almost all of them are inactive. We are focusing on keeping up the baptisms, but baptizing families instead :D 

My companion is Elder Malosso, from Riberão Preto, São Paulo. 1 more Paulista for me :D He has the deepest voice I have ever heard and is very friendly with the investgators. He had a ton of experience - 1 year and a half on the mission and 5 or 6 transfers as a zone leader. Elder Malosso constantly surprises me by speaking to everybody, literally everybody on the street. This last week we wrote down 130 addresses in our planner, and that is just the people that accepted the message and wanted to learn more! Almost every Omnibus we are standing up and announcing the message to everybody. 

Elder Malosso is 25 years old. He started his mission exactly 1 year after his baptism. I'm learning tons from him and am happy to have such a patient companion. 

The zone is in a very difficult situation right now. There are a ton of new missionaries and recently the leaders of the stake and wards have been a bit discouraged with the low retention rates. Yesterday we were able to bring 6 new investigators (3 families) to assist Sacrament Meeting. The members became very excited to see families being brought to the church instead of children. And I think they liked the violin :D. 

Anyway, we are seeing miracles every day here in our area, Santa Rita. We have spent almost every day in splits which was an interesting but effective way to learn the area. Baptism by fire :D

Macapá is also the hottest area in the mission. I think I will return to Belém the same color as my companion :D I am putting on lots of Sunscreen and drinking lots of water!

Anyways, love you guys! Sorry I can't write you guys more individually!

Elder Gale

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