Monday, September 8, 2014


I didn't get around to making a voice recording. Sorry! It was a packed week and would have been perfect to make one, but I didn't, so I'll make 2 this next week :D

We ended up not going to Belêm. Some things happened that weren't very great and we ended up not participating. 

These photos are of a bird that decided to take nest in our house. Each morning we woke up to the bird feeding her children. Finally the kids grew up and they were able to fly away. We've already cleaned out the area.


I can't believe it. It seems like time flies so fast! I got here 5 weeks ago and I will already be showing the area to someone else! That's right...Elder Malosso was transferred. We practically knew he would be transferred. He'd already packed his bags. 

My new companion. Relatively new, anyways. I'll have to admit I got a bit of a shock. Elder Rolando will be my companion again, here in Macapá. 

I'm excited to reunite with my long-lost companion. I really do think that Elder Rolando is the most skillful missionary that I've met until now. I'm sure we'll see a lot of success here in Santa Rita.

The zone didn't have too many changes. There was 1 area of Sisters that closed and will now be Elders. Nobody that I knew really well was transferred here. 

We had two surprise baptisms this week! Not really surprise, but I didn't mention that it would happen last week so it's a surprise for you!

2 young men of a family that we are teaching were baptized this last Saturday along with a lady the Sisters were teaching. 

I baptized D, F (the elderly man, recent convert of 1 month) baptized D, and Elder Malosso baptized M, of the Sisters. 

It was an awesome service! We had a great participation from the ward and everybody was happy :)

Baptism photos! 

There is one photo here that was from a different Saturday, another baptism of the Sisters.

There are photos here with us 2 and the whole family of D and D. 

There are other photos here of all the people in white together, and so on.

Anyways, that's about it--I love you guys! 

Elder Gale.

Ps. I sent a separate birthday email to Ben, but Happy Birthday, Ben!

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