Monday, September 29, 2014


Hello my wonderful family! 

I send my love, a few hugs, and even a kiss or two (for Mom and Brindi) your way to Missouri!

This week was fantastic. We baptized two more members of the family of L and R. Their Grandpa, F, was able to baptize them. The most people baptized that I've ever seen was 7 in one month. These 7 were really special to me, but would be even more special if the Father and Mother could be baptized together. The mother cried when we told her she couldn't be baptized until she was legally married with her husband, and they don't have the conditions or disposition to get married right now. 

I said everything in the voice recording, but sometimes it's better to write it out so you can understand everything. Elder Rolando left for the entire week to Guanabara to help some Elders that were having difficulties. 

So I was left practically alone with the area for the week. It went really well! We had a real fire and desire to find married families...of the 75 contacts that we did over the course of the week, I believe that 50 of them made part of a couple that we saw walking on the streets or something. 

I thought this would be interesting to mention, knowing that in the States (and maybe Chile?) the regular tactic of the missionaries is to knock on doors. I don't think I've knocked on one door without knowing who it was first on my entire time on the mission. 

Here everybody stays in the street. We just speak with everybody that we meet and we are able to meet tons of people. I love that part of the mission. There are so many fantastic people in the world and we get to know every single one that crosses our path :D

We found 4 married families, and 2 of them have baptismal date for the 11th of October. Probably we will have to postpone that date because the families weren't actually able to attend church due to sickness in the family. One of them works for the governor here in Macapá. 

I think that is so awesome that David and Josh received their calls. I'm sure they both will be stellar missionaries. There sure are a ton of missionaries from our ward going to Brasil!  I'm sure David will love his mission in Long Beach. If it weren't for South Carolina, I think California would be a pretty cool place to serve a mission. I know quite a few missionaries that are in Porto Alegre missions as well, but I don't know which missions. 

If it weren't too much trouble, I would like a list of all the missionaries in our ward with all of our emails on it. I think I will start a mission chat think on Gmail :D

I'm SO excited for General Conference this week. Like seriously. This week will be full of conferences, because I will also be attending the mission counsel in Belém this Wednesday. I'll be going by airplane (woohoo!) and it's going to be awesome. 

However, I've already asked the assistants, and they said I don't have a package waiting for me in the office :(. I don't know what happened with the first package you sent with the gospel message ideas, but it looks like it is taking a bit longer than we thought. 

I'm going to really try to prepare myself spiritually for the two conferences. The mission conference has a tendency to be really long and not as exciting. But I know that it's all a matter of my preparation. If I'm prepared, I'll be able to participate. General Conference, however, has always been an uplifting experience for me on the mission. So I'm just beyond pumped for that. 

WAY TO GO!!! Mom and Dad, on helping the missionary efforts. I know you guys have shared other missionary things that you've done, but I'd just like to relate my parabens (congratulations) to you guys on helping the local missionaries. 

Thank you so much Mom, Dad, for the letters. You're the best, most inspiring family that exists! 

To everybody else in the Ward, my Friends, or anybody else. These voice recordings are a great way for me to get support from the people I know in a way that doesn't take too much time on the Cyber. I would love getting a family voice recording from the people I know!!  It would be great mission support.

Love you guys!

Elder Gale

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