Monday, September 15, 2014


First of all, I really did love the voice recordings from last week! It was super easy to download them to my phone and I loved hearing your voices! Please send lots more with tons of details! 

You asked if I speak a lot in Church. I have only been asked to speak 3 times on the mission until now (besides testimonies of course). Generally they save the speaking opportunities for the members of the ward, but missionaries are always a back up plan :D

As for the work here in Santa Rita, it's going really well. We baptized another woman this week with the name of L. She is the sister of the two young men that were baptized last week. 

We are looking at 3 people being baptized this next Saturday. The work is going super well and super fast. We had 9 people visit the Church with us this last Saturday. The only problem is that all of the families that we are teaching aren't married. So they will take forever to be baptized. But we are still putting our faith in the families!

As for the new companionship...things are going well.  I really am happy that I have even more chance to learn with him and refine my attributes as a missionary. Lets go. Bora. Vamos lá!

Love you guys!

Elder Gale

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