Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Information on Voice Recordings from Jodi:  

Carson only has 1 hour a week to read and write all of his letters and emails to friends, family, and his mission president.  Obviously this time is super restrictive.  We have been sending voice recordings back and forth lately, and he can download ours to him onto his phone and listen to them later, so it doesn't use up time.  He LOVES getting them and would prefer to getting recordings over letters from everyone, since his letter writing time is so limited!  

If you are interested and willing to send him one here is how you do it:
  • Every smart phone has the capability to record and send voice messages. 
  • You can stop and start the recording as needed.  The sound quality has been very clear, from what we have found. 
  • On an iPhone it's called Voice Memos and on an Android it's Voice Notes or Voice Recorder, I believe.
  • After you complete the recording, in the bottom left corner there is a box with an arrow in it--click on it and it will allow you to attach it to an email, just like you do to attach a photograph to an email.  
  • Carson's email is carson.gale@myldsmail.net.  As a side note, Austin loves them, too!  His email is austin.gale@myldsmail.net.  :)
  • If he sends you a voice recording, to listen to it just click on the recording from your smartphone and it will start playing!  Very simple and awesome to hear his voice.

Thank you for doing this--he will absolutely love it!

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