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This is a picture from the going away visits of Elder Rolando. 
The first one is a family we are teaching. S and A. 
They need to marry, so we're working on that right now.

The second is the family where the 
grandfather baptized everybody. 
(But he wasn't there when we took the photo). 
Until now 6 people from the family were baptized. 
It is just the parents who haven't been baptized. 

Then there is the photo of E's family. 
I'll explain more about her family in the email.

Me and my ex-companions waiting the omnibus!

Everybody excited for the Mission Tour 
with Elder Fernandes, our visiting General Authority!

You need to give a great big hug to Elder Ramos---   

For my past 2 birthdays he has cared for me, 
made two cakes (actually he bought this one), 
and is fantastically awesome!!

I'm 20!!

 One of my favorite companions!!

More birthday photos! 

A photo of the chapel they are building 
in front of our house.



So this week was pretty insane. 
We had a ton of stuff going on at once.

Here are the updates on the transfer. I stayed here in Macapá. Elder Rolando was called to open a group in an area here in Macapá that has never had missionaries before. He was super stoked! He will go there with Elder Roberts, another American. 

My new companion??? My first companion! Elder Ramos, Round 2!!! 

That's right, my father will now be my companion. We are super excited for the transfer and are loving the time together again. Elder Ramos is an elder so exciting and fun and awesome, and he is also the missionary that baptized the most families out of any other missionary on the mission. (I was his only companion with which he didn't baptize anybody). I don't know if I told you guys, but 2 families that we were teaching there in Pioneiro, that were planning to marry, were baptized a couple weeks after I left the area. 

The zone had some huge changes. We are going through some major difficulties in the zone so we are hoping the massive change in missionaries will change the pace of things here. 

Other transfer other father, Elder J. Santos is now a zone leader, so there is a possibility I could be companions with him again. My son, Elder Da Rosa is now training, so I will be a grandpa! I'm super excited for my son. He's an awesome missionary. I hope to be companions with him again as well!

Other transfer news is just that I had to organize the transfer in the zone and state of Amapá. There were 3 nights that I had to get up at 1 in the morning to make a bunch of phone calls. I was pretty super tired this week. 

We also had the mission tour this week! Elder Fernandes of the Seventy came to Amapá to have a special conference with just our zone. So it was us, Presidente and Sister Scisci, and Elder and Sister Fernandes. I felt like I learned a lot of important things and felt the spirit really strong during the meeting. 

Then Elder Fernandes announced that we would practice a bit and said that the Zone leaders would show the missionaries how to teach the first Elder Ramos and I taught the first lesson in front of a seventy and our mission president. It was pretty nerve-wracking but went well. Elder Fernandes complimented us afterwards about the whole thing, he said that the conference in Macapá was his favorite out of the mission. 

And of course my birthday! Everybody owes a great big thank you to Elder Ramos. He made my birthday awesome. I was in the shower at night and when I got out everybody was circled around the bathroom with a cake, 5 pizzas, and soda!!! It was a freaking awesome surprise party. (Elder Ramos really opens a place in his wallet for his companion's birthdays!)

I also heard that a huge package arrived at the mission office for me. I'm thinking that it was the Christmas package! We will go to Belem this next week for the mission counsel. Can I open the package when I receive it? I will probably be transferred on December 2nd.  I won't be here in Macapá for Christmas. Just tell me if there are any rules on the package. I'll try my best to follow them. :0

You asked about Austin's voice recording in Spanish. Yes I understood all of it pretty easily. I'm listening to general conference in spanish pretty regularly. The difficulty is speaking spanish in a way he will understand. I put about half the last voice recording to him in Spanish, but I don't know if he understood. I know there is a lot of Portuguese mixed in. :D

I don't know if you heard about A, President Scisci, and Elder Fernandes. It looks like President invited A to pass by at the mission tour with 170 missionaries in Belém. A got there and started talking with Elder Fernandes. It seems like the first thing Elder Fernandes said to him is "When are you going to get baptized?" A replied "soon". I know that they are still investigating the church, A called me and told me he was visiting with his wife in Belem. 

President didn't bring any package to maybe he wasn't able to pay for it? I don't know...and I think maybe President said that in the moment and then forgot afterwards...;D   He's a little bit that way. I'll call the office and ask whats up. 

Josh's story really touched me. I'll listen to the voice recording and I'll send him a message next week. 

I have to go! I'm sorry I didn't make a voice recording! I was super super super busy this week. I'll repent and for sure make a long one next week!

Love you guys!

Elder Gale

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