Monday, October 6, 2014


Hello Family! 

This was a pretty crazy week. I pretty much explained it in the voice recording, but I'll try to sum it up real fast :D 

Tuesday we went to Belém to hear the words of our beloved President, José Carlos Scisci and his wife, Sister Scisci. It was very interesting. We had a good month in our zone, but we didn't reach our goal. It was really interesting for me, the way President Scisci works. For example, we had the highest goal in the mission for baptisms. And we were the 3rd zone to have the most baptisms in the mission. However, we accomplished the lowest percentage of our goal. So President Scisci had us stand up and explain why we were the worst zone in the mission for the month. It was actually a really interesting experience for me, because I learned a bit about the importance of being committed to our goals. We can pass a high goal and sometimes it's even better to pass a high goal, but we have to pay the price if we don't hit them. 

In Belém, unfortunately, there was no package waiting for me.  I'm sure it will get here some day! I'm still looking forward to the package with the gospel lessons, is it this one that you sent recently? Or are there 2 coming my way?

I did get an awesome letter with a really interesting talk by Hyrum Smith. Thank you very much!

I finally have an answer on the question if you guys will come pick me up in Brazil. ....

it depends. 

I talked with President Scisci and the Executive Secretary about it. I decided that if I could be released here in Brasil I would want you guys to come pick me up, and if not I'll see you guys in Missouri. 

President Scisci said that it really isn't his decision if I can be released here, it is the decision of President Morgan. In the past, President Scisci said, missionaries were released by Skype or telephone or the Stake President gave the Mission President permission to release the missionary. Without the permission, I can't be released here. 

I also know the possible date of my departure, but I won't tell you guys yet. I have a choice to make. I'll spill the beans if President Morgan lets me get set apart so you can buy the plane tickets, but if not, the secret will stay with me until my plane ticket is already bought :D

I loved Conference! I don't have time to get into detail but I'll just say that Elder Godoy was my favorite!

Love you guys sososososo much!

Elder Gale

Voice Recording from this week:

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