Monday, October 20, 2014


I am "The Missionary".
This is election time here in Brazil. It reminds me of Obama vs Romney! It's pretty crazy and everybody gets pretty pumped up for the elections. I am holding the flag of Waldez and Rafael is holding the flag of Camilo, the 2 main candidates here in Amapa.
We took a group photo of everybody at the Zone Meeting!

Here is a lunch appointment--

This is a photo of all the visitors after the church service. We had 22 visitors in the Santa Rita Ward, 13 of them being from our area. It was a great day!

Unfortunately, we STILL don't know what is happening with transfers. It's taking super long, so I believe that means there will be a ton of changes in the mission. I doubt that I will be transferred, but I think there's a chance that Elder Rolando might be, even though he just barely got here. Elder Rolando is on his 2 last transfers, so he asked President for the chance to train a new missionary for the rest of his mission. I don't know if President will grant that wish, but we'll see here in a couple of hours. 

I believe the zone will have many many many changes. Really our companionship is the only one that is baptizing or hitting the standards of excellence. Here in Macapá that is really sad. We tried our best to excite the zone (never in my life have I stayed so long in splits). I almost didn't work with Elder Rolando this transfer for all the days we stayed with the other missionaries. 
If we are separated, I will be sad to leave Elder Rolando. I've learned so much with him, even though our companionship was rough at some times. 

Last week we were able to talk a lot and had the best companionship that we have ever had. This same week we saw a ton of miracles. 13 people came to church, and 3 of them were brought by the members without us having to do anything. This was also following a counsel of one of our leaders--I know blessings can come from exact obedience. 

I don't think I ever sent the photo of the baptisms a couple weeks ago. Brother F baptized 2 more of his grandchildren! 
I love you guys, sorry I don't have more time.

Have a fantastic week!    Elder Gale

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  1. muito legal...Elder Gale é um missionário bem divertido!! (Y)