Monday, November 24, 2014


One more amazing week here in Macapá. We are getting crazy with all of the preparations for Natal Branco. 

So we are getting super busy here in Macapá. 
 There are 2 photos from 2 families that will be married on the White Christmas. 

Besides the Natal Branco, we are preparing some Christmas devocionals for the ward and stake.  

This photo is at the church-all of the investigators. 

C's baptism from last week!

It's weird...
I don't really know what to say because I already shared everything about my week in the voice recording. 

We had a really cool Family Home Evening 
in the ward this last week. 
We had it in the house of one of our investigators, L. 
It gave a great turnout! 
We had about 50 people there...imagine! 

We had 1 obstacle to our White Christmas. Yesterday, the Stake President sat down with us in our meeting and told us we would have to cancel everything. He had some concerns with the civil marriages that were being planned.  However when we started telling him about how many families were being prepared, he started thinking differently.  President Scisci called him, and when President hears the word "baptism", there's nothing that can stop him!  Now everything is back on track for our White Christmas on December 12th! 

Love you guys! 

Elder Gale

Monday, November 17, 2014


This week was full of miracles. I am absolutely loving my time here with Elder Ramos. I think this was one of my favorite weeks on the mission. 

I explained everything in my voice recording about the week and I'll try to write everything else that I can in the time that I have. 

Basically the biggest thing that is happening in my life right now...NATAL BRANCO!!! I am almost certain that this will be the greatest thing that will happen to me on my mission. We are preparing the biggest baptism service that I have ever seen on the mission, and we will do it with the entire stake. All of the families that I have prepared since when I came here to Macapá are being prepared for this date. 

Almost all of them need to be married. But we got around that! There is a special marriage place in Belém that has a member who works there. The regular time and money that it takes for a marriage is about 6 weeks and $200. However through this marriage place we can marry in 1 week for only $100! We are challenging everybody to be baptized together on this day. We already have 5 families that have said they will marry and be baptized on this day and we have 5 more that are still deciding. Along with everybody else we are teaching who will be prepared as well for our White Christmas. 

So that is pretty much blowing my mind right now...and I am really scared of the possibility of being transferred before this date. I won't be able to write so much today because of the letter I wrote to president, asking him to stay in the area. I've never sent more than 2 paragraphs to him. That gives you an idea of how excited I am for this next month. 

In the next email I will give a detailed description of each of our investigators that are preparing for baptism so that you guys could say some special prayers for them. I will make the recording today so that it can be ready next week. 

Sorry I haven't sent many photos...actually I have a problem with my memory card that it is not showing the photos when I open it on the computer, but when I open it on my camera it shows everything. There are some really cool photos, especially from the baptismal service this last week. I will send them to you as soon as I can. 

I explained it in the voice recording, but we had an awesome baptism this week! A woman who had waited for years to be baptized was finally able to realize her dream and enter in the water. 

Anyways I know this work is the work of the Lord! I hope you all continue doing the right things because I know the Lord will bless you. 

Love you all!

Elder Gale

Monday, November 10, 2014


This week was great...made very special by the baptism of our investigator, E. She had a great conversion process that I explained better in the voice recording. 

I'm loving the work here with Elder Ramos! Because of a huge Brasil test (kind of like the ACT) that everybody had to take on Sunday, we had only 8 investigators at church. Some of our favorite families weren't able to go to church because of this test. 

However the family that went to church is super excited! They will turn in the papers for marriage tomorrow. I think we will be their witnesses! 

Sorry to be so brief. I used some of my time today trying to send photos to you guys and wasn't able to. Technology is difficult. 

Love you guys so much! Just think, this next month we will be talking to each other! 

Elder Gale

Sunday, November 9, 2014


We brought 15 people to church yesterday. 2 complete families, 1 part-member family, and 2 women whose husbands weren't able to come/didn't want to. 

15 people broke my record :D It was quite the experience!  

We are in the front of the church (the actual chapel is in construction until June). 

Dia dos Finados!

Day of the Dead! 

                                                                  On the 1st Sunday of November, 
Brasil has the day of the dead. 

Everybody goes to the cemetery to remember their lost ones. We decided to do something special with the zone. 

We set up a table with materials of the church and I stood to the side and played hymns while the other missionaries sang or spoke with the people on the sides. 

It was a great experience!

Our zone meeting! We brought food :D 

We surprised one of our investigators with a cake 
Sunday morning on her birthday! 
She got super excited and loved the surprise :D

And the Elders being crazy. 

Despite the fact that I didn't even remember that Halloween had happened, I had a great Halloween week! I only remembered when you mentioned it in your letter. The people here think the idea of Halloween is really strange. "You mean you really dressed up in a fantasy costume and knocked on people's doors...and they gave you candy???". Yah, that's the US for you.

Elder Nickell said that he went to the mail office and got my package! Now he said there are 3 packages waiting for me at the mission office! However, I will only be able to get them this next month, because the mission counsel was cancelled this month. That's okay, I've waited this long, what is another month, right? :D You guys are the best for sending me stuff. Seriously. 

I think I basically explained the week on the voice recording. I am loving the work with Elder Ramos. He is lots of fun and brings some great ideas to the area. 

I've really already said everything in the photo emails or in the voice recording. I love you guys! This work is real!

I know that families can be blessed when they follow the counsels of the Lord. Keep up with the daily scripture reading and personal and family prayers!

Called to serve, 

Elder Gale