Monday, November 10, 2014


This week was great...made very special by the baptism of our investigator, E. She had a great conversion process that I explained better in the voice recording. 

I'm loving the work here with Elder Ramos! Because of a huge Brasil test (kind of like the ACT) that everybody had to take on Sunday, we had only 8 investigators at church. Some of our favorite families weren't able to go to church because of this test. 

However the family that went to church is super excited! They will turn in the papers for marriage tomorrow. I think we will be their witnesses! 

Sorry to be so brief. I used some of my time today trying to send photos to you guys and wasn't able to. Technology is difficult. 

Love you guys so much! Just think, this next month we will be talking to each other! 

Elder Gale

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