Monday, December 1, 2014


Hey family!

We had another great week preparing for the transfer, for White Christmas, & for the mission counsel in Belém this week...All of these crazy events coming up  and I hardly know what to write. 

I'm already losing sleep because of the White Christmas marriage and baptism service. There is so much stuff to do! I made a voice recording that explained everything, but then I left the memory card at home. But we have basically 4 families ready. They've already given the money, the papers for marriage, and even have the baptismal sheet signed. 

We have 3 more that we will have to finish up the preparations before tomorrow. Which basically means we won't have P-Day. After the travel it will be a bit more peaceful, because the marriage papers will already be turned in. Who know marriage was so difficult!

As always, the weather is really really hot.  I actually got here in Macapá right when it stopped raining. Now it turned from really hot to unbearably hot. I haven't seen rain for months. I put a ton of sunscreen on everyday and I still get burned. But I'd rather it be hot than cold! It's worse for Austin--isn't it really cold there right now in Chile?  

The day after Thanksgiving Elder Ramos asked me..."Elder Gale, Wasn't yesterday American Thanksgiving?" And I responded "I have no idea..." And I looked at the calender and it had already passed  :).  

I think you know already that every day of my mission is pretty much the same thing. Rice, beans, and some kind of meat. Every day...It's a good thing that I like it  :D  Be prepared...I'm dreaming about dinner the day when I get home. I won't be able to eat a lot, because I developed a habit of eating very little here on the mission, but I will absolutely love anything that we eat that is NOT rice, beans, and meat :D Anything.

I've been blessed with lots of health during my mission!    I have only gotten sick 1 time on my mission in Capanema for just 1 day.  I am trying to gain weight. I'm exercising every day and taking supplements. My goal is to return home in a great physical condition. There were a few times in the mission (castanheira) where I lost weight due to lack of food. But here I am eating well and "gettin big!".  I do 3 sets of Pushups, close in, far out, and incline. And then I do abs and arms. I'm starting to see the difference about now. The challenge will be to keep up with the routine :D
I made a voice recording...but Elder Ramos forgot the adapter in our house. So I'll go ahead and lay out the news...

Elder Ramos will be the new AP!!! President called yesterday night and spoke with him for a bit. The current AP will train a new missionary while Elder Ramos steps in as the new assistant. I think the mission will become a party.  I was pretty sure it would be Elder Ramos, because there is almost always 1 American AP and 1 Brazilian AP. The Brazilian AP is leaving, so it has to be a Brazilian. It's not too hard to guess out of all the zone leaders who will be the new AP.

However, after much pleading, many letters written, President decided to let Elder Ramos stay here until after Natal Branco! So Elder Ramos will baptize everybody in sight with me, become the Elder that baptized the most people of all the missionaries in Brazil-Belém (72, soon to be more) and then leave to guide the mission and bother all of the zone leaders every day as the new assistant. It's a pretty good life. 

And who will be my new companion? My brother! Elder Prado. I will train him as a new Zone Leader. It's pretty fantastic, because Elder Prado is also Elder Ramos´ child. I will be companions with my brother!

Our zone will not be able to go to the full mission Christmas devotional.  Just imagine...If our zone were to go to a devotional in Belem the mission would have to practically rent out an airplane. All of our transfers are by airplane in Macapá. We will be hosting our own devotional and of course I will be the violin star! :D

I will be able to pick up the packages this Wednesday since I am flying to Belem for a zone leader conference. I'm so excited!!! Can I open the Christmas one?

It seems like the Elders are so much a part of your lives at home. I don't really remember much about the sister missionaries except for dinner appointments.  The elders called me once during high school to visit an investigator with them but then he fell through and we tracted for 30 minutes. I'm so glad I'm here in Brazil where we don't have to tract. :D

Love you guys!

Elder Gale

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