Monday, December 29, 2014


White Christmas--
10 families were married and 24 people 
were baptized in one day!

We made T-shirts and gave one to President and Sister Scisci. Using the "He is the Gift" campaign was my idea :D 

The sisters used a cheap place by their house to make them. I had 4 people that had chosen me to baptize them, 3 people had chosen Elder Ramos, and the rest said it didn't matter. But in the hour of changing clothes, our stake president called me to talk with him and said that there would be only 1 baptizer for time-purposes and asked if Elder Ramos could baptize. So he ended up baptizing everybody. But that's okay. It is the same Priesthood!
White Christmas! 

           Christmas in a shopping center--

We loved the ornaments you sent to us to give out to members and investigators.  Here's pictures of us giving them out--
Hanging the ornament on the tree!

Giving out the ornaments you made!

More ornament deliveries--

Our zone on Christmas!

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