Monday, January 26, 2015


Hi Family!

Life in South America is great as always! A party every day :D Lately it's been raining like crazy here in Macapá.  I'm going to start bringing that rain jacket with me everyday! Sometimes it doesn't work so well because when I put it on I sweat like a monster...(do monsters sweat?). If it doesn't end up working well I will have to buy an umbrella. What we do here is put all our things inside our bags inside plastic grocery bags to keep the stuff from getting wet. 

I recently bought new boots. My old ones were getting just a little bit old and ruined :D (I'll have to send a picture to you guys...I found 39 little rocks that were inside of my shoes at 1 time!). But now these new shoes should help me to stay dry and comfy! I hope....They were only 40 Reals (20$). 

Here are some pictures from our week:

An awesome lunch with some of my favorite members!

We baptized 2 very special people this last week! 

K is the other woman. She is a neighbor of one of the members. Her story is actually really unique and we were able to exercise the priesthood in our first visit. Being worthy is an important thing! I'll tell you more about that experience in a voice recording. 

Love you all!   Elder Carson Gale

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