Monday, January 19, 2015


Hey Family! I'm here from Macapá...again :D

We had some spiritual moments this week. There are 3 really special families in our teaching group with whom I have developed a special friendship. 

Let's start with F and L:
This family is just perfect!  Like seriously, they are so cute and lovable and I really want to baptize them. Actually, I really want to baptize her. F was baptized about 13 years ago as a young man, but when he traveled to Belém to finish his police military training, he lost contact with the church. When he came back, his family wasn't active any more in the church and he stopped going. 

He became active in an Assembly of God nearby. About 6 months ago he stopped going to the Assembly and we met him on the street and he gave us a ride home. We went to visit them and since then he has gone to a church party and 2 church services. 

This week we went to visit them to challenge them to marry, and they were preparing to move--a Mormon Specialty! So we called up the Elder's Quorum President and a nearby member and we were able to practically complete the move for them.  I'm super excited to see them progress. And I want very much to be here for their wedding. 

Then there is N, M, D & G:
This is a mom and her 3 girls. Actually she has 7 children but we are getting to know all of the family still. They are funny because they have so many questions! But they already love us so we're definitely going to baptize them. One of the girls is visiting another church, but I don't think that will be a problem. They visited this Sunday and it seemed like they really liked the service. 

Last but not least is J and M: 
I think I might have spoken a bit about this family before. They are hilarious. He is completely funny, drinks, smokes, and works organizing parties and sound systems. And their family is really sweet. They have 3 daughters. They've already visited church 3 times, so now they are just needing to marry to progress.  

If I could, I would gladly stay the rest of my mission here in Santa Rita. I would love very much to see the Chapel opening in May. I can't believe I won't be here to see it!  It will be a very special moment for everyone. That's the difficulty about being a missionary...that we make so many friends and the families here become our families for a little bit. 

Almost all the families we visit I develop a habit of calling them my family...because for this moment they are my family. I'm already planning on doing some special things this next month when I have to leave them. 

I love you guys! I hope everything is going well with the family!

Elder Gale

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