Monday, February 16, 2015


Hi everyone!!

My going-away pizza party will be this Thursday! It's already in full motion and was even announced in Sacrament meeting :D!

I have absolutely no time to write this week...but you have the voice recording plus tons of pictures and that will have to do!

We are preparing 2 baptisms for this week, G and E! G I told you about in the voice recording and E is a young man from a less active family we are reactivating whose names are B and A. They are an awesome family!

I'm loving life and living it up here in Macapá! 

Love you guys!

Elder Gale

Marco Zero! 
Look it up on's one of the tourist sites here in Macapá! All of these photos are from a trip we made with a family we're teaching. 
We visited Marco Zero and Fortaleza. 

 The sign I'm pointing to says:
Feel the sensation of being in both hemispheres at the same time, by visiting the tourist attraction "Ground Zero of the Equator"!!

Here we are visiting another site, the Fortaleza. 
Look it up on google!

The family with which we visited these sites is named F and L.  They are awesome! 

The bottomless slave pit...

Our nifty tour guide and just a bit of apostasy :D

F is a member and L is his wife that we are teaching. 
They are a picture-perfect family!

Our little lunch with our Recent Converts!
D was baptized...M still hasn't made a decision.

We love this family!

 The family gave us these ties as a present! 
Along with some really funky pens!

Our 2 recent converts together!

The baptism of D! 
The other people being baptized are from some other areas. One is R, an awesome guy and professor!

Our party in Gospel Principles class with Sister Joana! 
We got Panetoni! It's always full in that class :D

Close to the house of some of my recent converts...they live above the water in raised up houses like these.

Mission Conferences--
Elder Lemos who will finish his mission this transfer. 

Sister Moraes served with me in Capanema--

 The big guy is Elder Clark!

Some of your favorite missionaries! 

Do you remember Elder Nores? The 3 sons of Elder Ramos!

Lunch with Bishop Vasconcelos!

 The Zerãonitas! 
Our group name. We worked in the area Zerão 
and so we call ourselves the Zerãonitas. 

One of my favorite families! 
Our ward mission leader Alexandre and Daiane.

Photos from the surprise family 
we brought to church yesterday! A and E.

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