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The pizza going away party was absolutely WONDERFUL! There were more people there than in Sacrament Meeting!!!

We did everything with Pizza. First I shared a spiritual message about prayer and how we have to have prayers more significant than a call for pizza. Then we played the group game "Do you Love your Neighbor" but we changed it to pizza! You had to ask "What do you want on your pizza?". Then we ate pizza!

I just received a call from President Scisci...we had some problems of road violence in the Sister's area and we suggested that they be taken from the area. This transfer will be really crazy!  

This whole transfer I've been telling everybody I will leave the area, taking photos, and even the going away pizza party. But it was only today that I received the actual transfer that I am leaving. They didn't tell me what area. I don't think it's hit me yet that I'm leaving. It seems impossible to leave.

Everybody in our house has been asking me, what if you don't leave?   My response was always "It is really easy to tell everybody you will actually stay in the area after saying your good-byes. It is really hard to say good-byes after having actually left the area. (Like what has happened to me about 3 times!). 

We had an absolute confusion about this transfer...Pres. Scisci was in São Paulo and so the transfer only happened later. And it seems like everything crazy is happening at once. There was a problem in the flights and now not everybody will be able to go to the meeting with the apostle. There are some missionaries that are really mad (like my companion). I will be transferred, so I already know I will see Elder Cook :D  

The worst was that the mission was promising this for a really long time. Everybody was looking forward and planning on being there. My companion wept...crybaby :).

I'm really happy with the work that was done here. We baptized 3 people on Saturday and I ended up baptizing 27 people only in Santa Rita Ward during the 7 and a half months I was here. I actually separated the people in organizations and gave a list to each president to ask them to help the recent converts stay strong. If I remember right there were 2 men in the Elder's Quorum, 12 Women in the Relief Society, 5 boys in the Young Mens, 1 girl in Young Women's, and 7 children in the primary group. Of these people there are 3 other men that were reactivated when their wives were baptized and 3 other men whose wives are trying to help them get baptized still. There are many other children under 8 that are going to church because of these families...I don't know how many. 

This is the area that I felt the most love for the members and the people. I feel like my time here in Santa Rita was absolutely necessary for not only their salvation, but for mine. Theses 7 and a half months were exactly perfect. I know that now I need something else in another area, but I don't want to feels like I'm leaving family again.

And now I actually feel a bit nervous to be transferred...I don't know to where, with whom, when....I just know that my time here in Macapá is up.

It's starting to get crazy...I'm not sure but this next place might be my last area. It depends on if I will train or not. There are some ZL's that ask to train...but I don't think I will ask. If President wants or needs me to train, I will. My group leaving the mission is absolutely I don't know how it will be.

Saying goodbye to F., 

a women I baptized on the start of my journey here in Macapá. 

Other Photos of the areas 
where the houses are above the water.

One of the men we taught. 
He was almost baptized 
but had a few challenges. 
His name is M.

My last zone meeting! I prepared a special training that took about 2 and a half hours. It ended up really well...called 
"Our Authority by the Name of Jesus Christ". 

One photo is with me and the family of H. ( the Jewish boy that is leaving for his mission in São Paulo) 

He gave his final talk 

this last Sunday wearing 
a tie that I gave him!

Getting ready for
Pizza Night!

In E's house! We weren't able to take the video there because it seems like her phone died.   She didn't want to take photos because she had just returned from the YW campout!

One more photo on the water...  
Rafael and I!

2 very special photos. One photo with Bishop Vasconcelos. I will miss him VERY much. He's the one that approved the ward budget for the party!

And a photo of a very special family. The woman in the photo, Sister Beth, was baptized a couple of weeks ago after we married them in the White Christmas. They offered to do the pizza services and made it super cheap for us. They are fantastic. And he received a call as Institute teacher this last Sunday. I'm sure he will be Bishop someday...
Do you love your neighbor pizza style!

Noite da pizza!

There were still a ton of people that weren't in the photo because of space and they were making and preparing the pizzas...but I think it turned out great!

Going to the baptism! 
Just a little bit of rain before the baptism :D

The day before was his birthday and I brought some presents from the United States to give him! A Yoyo and  a light up ball. They were the only presents he got!

Baptism photos! 
G. was baptized...
a woman that we're teaching.

H. was baptized, the son of a family we re-activated. and L. was baptized. The brother of one of the members. 

One photo with I and his brother who was baptized, L. 
One photo with P. who is leaving for Columbia this Wednesday on her mission. And Henrique, who is leaving to São Paulo and wearing my tie he used to give his talk!

In these photos are included:  Andre, Kenia, and me.  Antonio and Beth, that made the pizza.  Larissa, the young woman that you met over facebook, and Laiz.

K & D, 2 women that we baptized!


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