Monday, March 16, 2015


I'm doing very well in the area. I'm liking it more every day...although it is a very tough and muddy and physically unpleasant area. I'm already telling you, Mom, when I get back, the next day I'm going to need a pedicure. And a really good massage therapist. There are 2 years of missionary life and will probably be a year of zone leader stressed-out life that need to be resolved!  :D 

I feel like I'm at my absolute best in terms of knowing what to do and how to do it and how to baptize and how to help the zone baptize. We baptized this last week and will continue baptizing weekly for this whole transfer! I just find myself unbelievably tired every morning. It just comes with time I guess. 

But I'm going strong! My goal is to baptize weekly for the rest of my mission. I want to break 60 baptisms if God allows it. I have to baptize 14 more to make that happen, so that's just about weekly baptisms until then. 

I got the exciting news that a very intelligent young man that I taught was baptized this last week by Elder Prado. The work continues in Macapá!

This week we baptized a young man named A. He's pretty spunky and 14 years old. I'll send you a picture later. 

You should hear Elder Marler and me speaking together. One minute we are speaking in English and the next in Portuguese. Or he's speaking in English and I'm speaking in Portuguese and we're speaking together. It's really confusing! 

Sorry I didn't have much time to write today--Elder Marler was sick and we had to go to the doctor.  

Love you!!

Elder Gale

Here's a picture from the devotional with Elder Cook:

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