Monday, April 13, 2015


We had another very successful and spiritual week here in Tenoné. The transfers brought a new spirit to the zone, so we were able to have an awesome zone meeting last Wednesday. 

We were able to find a bunch of new investigators this week, which was really helpful to our teaching group. We also had a wonderful young woman choose to be baptized this last week. I'll send you some photos next week. 

I've been really focusing my studies this week on the subject of humility. I feel like it was something I let fall a bit on the mission...and now I'm realizing how much spiritual power we can gain as we are humble. My mission president helped me to see this as something I could focus on, and so I'm putting it as a focus until I finish. One of my favorite scriptures about humility I believe was in D-C 67. And there is another in Matthew that I'll get the reference for next week. 

We had several example--a woman that was praying to receive revelation for what she should do at the same time as we knocked on her door. Another example--A younger woman that received a answer through the Book of Mormon. Our difficulty is getting people to follow these answers they are having. 

Also, I've heard some convincing rumors that I've made the Brazilian Liahona with Elder Ramos!  It is a report of our Blanco Natal (White Christmas) from Macapa, and it lists my name and Elder Ramos as the organizers of the event.  I sitill haven't seen it but heard that it looks pretty cool. God's miracles are fantastic!

I love you guys very much! Sorry I had to be so short computer is super slow and there was a ton of other things for me to do. 

Love you guys!

Elder Gale

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