Monday, April 27, 2015


Hi Everyone!

So I basically explained this week in my photos that I sent. We are working hard to have an awesome week on Elder Marler's last week of his mission. We are preparing a bunch of people to be baptized on May 9th as his last baptismal service. And we're preparing a special program with the Bishop for Mother's Day. It's funny how all the special programs and ward ideas have to come from the missionaries...

It's going to be awesome! We really want to hit an attendance that we have never seen before in Tenoné! The ward really needs it.

This family is a less active family that we're bringing back to church. If everything works out we will baptize her son on May 9th. She was married to a return missionary but then he turned away from the church, so she also stopped going. They split up and now we're reactivating her!

We were able to bring a bunch of the people we are preparing for May 9th to church yesterday. We had 9 investigators there and at least 6 of them are preparing for May 9th. 

Pray for us so that everything goes well! We will baptize 1 really great man this week, completing a family related to the Bishop, and then we need 4 others to help Elder Marler finish out his mission. It's totally possible...we just need the Lord's help!

L's baptism. 
She is a relative of some of the members! 
One day she´ll be a sister! 

(She´s already gone out with other young women in the ward to do contacts with the people on the street!)

Photo from one of our lunches. I've heard that old missionaries get a bit tired after that true? 

We went to a leadership counsel recently which was the first time in 1 year and 8 months that I've seen Elder McCrea, my first companion. He's always been in a far away area at the same time that I've been in a far away area and we have never seen each other. Finally, because he's a district leader, I was able to see him. 

We were together with Elder Worley and Elder Blackner, who were also at the training.  

For our Mother's Day skype, they haven't released any directions on it here...but they never really do. I'll definitely skype with you guys! In my mind Mother's Day is going to be the really trunky moment where we plan out my first week. (It's our weekly planning!) 

I already know some houses where I'll be able to call...but we haven't chosen one yet. Maybe it will be at a recent convert's house...maybe at the 1st counselor in the mission presidency's won't be a problem. E. Marler was telling me that the members are really good about helping out with that. 

Wow, your description of my first few days home sounds amazing!  Pedicures and Olive Garden!!   You don't know how heavenly that sounds to my ugly feet. Olive Garden sounds so wonderful right now.  For 2 years I've eaten rice, beans, and meat every single day. That's a lot of rice, beans and meat. It sounds like Dad's heaven, doesn't it?

Just so we can get thinking, the absolute first thing I'm going to want to do when I get home (if possible right after we drive off the parking lot of the airport) is go to the temple. After almost 2 years of not going in the time where I most needed it, I'm going to want to do that as the first thing when I get home. I want to go through the temple as a missionary with my name-tag, if I can. Then I'll probably be let go that same night with Pres. Morgan, right?

Also...not to be needy...but with that pedicure I'm definitely needing a full body massage as well. If possible :D!!

By the can just loan Bosco to one of the neighbors for the months of June, July, August, and September.  Just to avoid any fights!

I am not sure how long I will stay in Tenoné.  I would love to train, but it seems improbable. Also, I would be super sad to leave the area. I've really grown to love the members here in Tenoné, even in the short time that I've been here. The situation that I'm really hoping for is that Elder Da Rosa comes here to be my companion again as a zone leader! That would make my life. I'm almost definitely going to pick up a really new zone leader to train. 

That's about it. We're working hard out here in Tenoné! 
I love this work and I love this people! They teach me so much and I'm happy to serve them. 
We'll keep going strong until the last day!

The Church is true! Christ is our Lord and eternal head! He's the one who directs this work and puts miracles in our paths! I love you guys!

Elder Gale

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