Monday, April 6, 2015


Hey family!
Man there is so much to write...I wish I would have made a voice recording. Speaking of voice recordings, I'm just about going crazy trying to download your voice recording...I'm not sure if it will work out. My voice recorder doesn't want to play the audio and my cell phone doesn't have that capability.
We had several miracles this week!  2 children of God chose to be baptized this last Saturday in Tenoné.  E. and M. E is Antonio´s sister and F.'s best friend. She had to overcome coffee and smoking to be able to follow the example of Christ, being baptized. She's been investigating the church for about a year and finally she was baptized. Their family made a birthday cake for Elder Marler on his birthday this week!  She's fantastic. Their whole family is fantastic!
M. was super difficult to baptize. She's the mother of one of the active members of the church and the missionaries have been going there for almost a year. She seems to have had a more open heart this last month and we've been teaching her. We started teaching her when her son wasn't there and when she showed interest in being baptized, we planned an awesome surprise!  We kept teaching her undercover and she had to overcome a ton of things. She didn't want to drop coffee, she wanted her 15 year old son to baptize her even when he wasn't a priest, she didn't want to go to the stake center at conference to be baptized...but finally everything went through!  

We bought Nescau (coffe substitute) for her, we talked with Pres. Scisci for her son to be a helper at the baptism, but not a baptizer, and we got a ride for her to the stake center. And we had a huge surprise ready for her son there at the chapel! It was super awesome. Her son cried, it was so sweet. He had no idea she was even considering baptism. The photos that I sent were of W. being surprised and hugging his mom.
The conference was awesome! Wow I felt so inspired by those talks...I think maybe my favorite was from Elder Uchdorf on Sunday...I'm not sure yet. I'll need to hear them in English to understand better...there were some translation fallbacks in portuguese. Actually the translators kept speaking really slowly and then fast and it was all pretty confusing. And some of them were really nervous.   It's way better in the original language. 

I just received the zone transfer here in the cyber so I was passing the info to everybody. I will stay here with Elder Marler! Which is awesome because I totally wanted to stay with him and kill him. That will be awesome!

This is how we take taxi here in Brazil!

Our Mission Leadership Conference!

W and R and M, learning about the church!

Photos with F, A, E, and other missionaries. 
Surprising her son with her baptism!
They are an awesome family!

Kelly, a woman that I interviewed to be baptized. She's awesome and really committed. She didn't have much family support to be baptized but ended up making the decision.

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