Monday, May 25, 2015


I am doing a few other things today on the computer, so I'll be a bit scattered.  

My companion Elder Oliviera is great! He's timid, but he's pushing through his social barriers. 

When you get to know him he's hilarious. Best of all, he knows how to cook! (That's always a relief). He's still mastering Portuguese, because his native language is actually Creole. He's trying to teach me's very similar to Portuguese but a very choppy language. I think he is one of my companions that I most get along with. 

I'm really liking the members from this ward. They are awesome people. The challenge here is distance. The chapel is about 1 hour from our area and we go by omnibus. The people don't really have enough money for omnibus here anyways, so it is really hard to bring people to church. 

There was a time when the ward paid for an omnibus to pick everybody up. And then they stopped doing that. I've been talking a lot with the members and bishopric to see if we could restart that, but it won't be possible. 

Instead of that, here in a little bit we will move chapels so there will be 4 wards attending the same chapel. It will be very crazy but we are hoping it will help out the ward!
We're still bringing a few investigators to church. The young man M that I told you guys about is pretty firm to be baptized this week. There was another really cool young woman we will teach on Wednesday, but she is a member of another church. That won't be too much of a problem :D

Actually I only noticed that today is the 25th when you told me... and it made me more than a little bit trunky. It's funny, being with E. Oliveira on the start of his mission makes it feel like I'm also just starting my mission. We talk more about Cape Verde than we do about anything else. I'm totally visiting him someday!

I don't know how to describe my feelings about going home....anxious, nervous, confident, sad, happy, exhausted, it seems like I'm feeling everything at once. And I'll admit that it's getting harder than ever to do the smaller things. And all of the missionaries always talk about how close to going home I am. What can you do :D

Love you all!

Elder Gale

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