Monday, June 8, 2015


Hey Family! 

I'm in the final stretch and 2 weeks has never seemed so long! But I'm sure it will go rapidly. I probably have 1 more P-Day that I will email you guys and then it's face to face!!! How will it be to see all of you in the KC airport and go running to meet you! I'll probably end up tripping and it will have a domino effect and everybody will fall down laughing. It's a plan.

This week was a good one. We ended up passing a bit of time in the hospital this week for Elder Oliveira. He had some weird stomach sensations that ended up being a type of gas reflex. I'm still not sure what it was, just that he's feeling better now.

We got to know several great families this last week. One family is C and M, and they were having a lot of family difficulties. After our visit,they said that they were all feeling happier and accepted the invite to go to church. Yesterday they were all there and they loved the meeting! We'll see how the next few visits go.

I had another personal miracle when Sister Scisci called me on Saturday. There is a family I taught in Salinas that I never ever thought would be baptized...and they will have their marriage and baptism today. They called President asking for me to go to Salinas and participate in their wedding and baptism! Unfortunately I will not be able to go...but I will be able to call them later today and congratulate them.

So you got me all signed up for BYU--Wow that's great! I can't believe I'm already registered for school...that's crazy. Thank you so much for going through all the process of signing me up at 1 am! Probably you're fast asleep right now from having stayed up so long. The classes seem awesome, exactly what I would want to study. It will be nice to use the first year to decide exactly what I will study. 

Yay! Mom's going to Cub Scout Day Camp! How exciting ...Tell Tanner hi and that in 2 weeks we'll do a chest bump or a cool handshake or something! :D

And Austin was robbed...what a crazy thing. At least he wasn't there and wasn't harmed in any way. Did he lose all of his photos? Does he send them to you guys? I'm happy that my current apartment is a locked one, so there is very little chance of me getting robbed in the next 2 weeks!

When I get back, I'll have to tell you some of the stories that happened to me on the mission that I might have left out of the weekly letters.

You mentioned double dates with Josh when I get back this summer.  Dates? What...does he expect me to be comfortable even 50 feet near the closest female species? Josh is going to have to rethink those'll take at least 5 years for me to examine the women around me and prayerfully decide with which I will marry without actually having to touch her. Then we will live the rest of our lives in blissful celibacy! :)

Just kidding...but for reals, thinking about opening the locked heart seems like a pretty demanding task right now. I may be just a bit awkward around women trying to touch me. 

I love you guys a ton!

Elder Gale

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